America has no dog in the fight for Syria and no friends in the Islamic world

When Jesus said, “and a child shall lead them,” he was not talking about an adult with the maturity of a child.  Obama’s attempts to make friends in the Moslem world, his attempts to strengthen Islamists in Middle Eastern governments are damaging the cause of liberty in the world.  Since when has America had any interest in raising up the world’s most oppressive religion?  It’s no different than kings who endorsed the Catholic Church of the Inquisition.

America has no friends in the Middle East except Israel.  Christians have no common ground with Islamists anywhere in the world.  The Father of Christ and Allah are not the same deity.

As far as atheists are concerned, one fantasy god is the same as another.  To humanists, God by any name is the same.  Yet neither point of view is credible to those who have faith, regardless of whether they believe in Christ or Muhammad.

Christians believe in the divinity of Christ, while Muhammadans firmly reject that God has a Son.  The teachings of Jesus and Muhammad conflict with one another in many ways, especially about peace and vengeance, thus there is no common ground between Christians and Islamists.  That does not stop governments from trying to form secular bonds, and for Obama who was raised a Moslem and joined a church of Black Liberation Theology, the ties he has with Islam guide his policy making.

But for Americans who are universally hated and demonized as “the great Satan” throughout the region, there is no faction in the Syrian civil war that anyone can point to as being “friendly” to America.  The largest factions; the Syrian liberation front, the Islam brigade, the Victory front, and the Syrian Islamic front are all militant Islamic organizations associated with Al-Qaeda or the Muslim Brotherhood.  While Assad has acted as Iran’s go-between in arming Hezbollah terrorists against Israel, replacing him with Islamists would only result in further destabilizing the region and moving toward the next Arab-Israeli war.

In 2010, Obama acted on his own initiative to aid the rebels in Egypt to overthrow Mubarak and sent planes to bomb Qaddaffi’s forces in Libya that resulted in his fall.  Both countries put leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood in charge.  A year later, Egyptians were murdering Coptic Christians and burning their churches, followed by storming the American embassy to tear down the American flag and raise the Al-Qaeda flag on American soil.  In Libya they assaulted the American embassy killing the ambassador and three other Americans.  Only the self-sacrifice of two former Navy SEALS enabled most of the staff to escape.

Poll – Americans object to involvement in Syrian civil war

50-60% of Americans object to getting involved in the Syrian civil war, while 20-30% support joining the Islamist forces attempting to overthrow Assad.  With the exceptions of Johnson, Carter, and Clinton, all former presidents would not get involved in a foreign war unless vital American interests were involved.  In the last hundred years no president has committed America’s military to actions that resulted in the defeats like the ones Obama has led, both militarily like Libya, and diplomatically everywhere else.

Obama took the presidency on the proposition that America’s standing in the world had been reduced with the promise he would elevate the nation once again.  Yet every action he has taken has had the exact opposite effect.  If Obama’s objective was to reduce American influence in the world and diminish the standing of the lone super power and take no responsibility in the eyes of his adherents, he has succeeded brilliantly.

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