Obama blames Republicans, Americans, and the world for his failures

When President Obama announced last year that there was a “Red Line” that Syria’s dictator could not cross to use chemical weapons that Obama said, “It would change my calculus.”  Now that chemical weapons have been used, by no one knows who, he is prepared to use America’s military as his personal weapon, to be Al-Qaeda’s air force to bomb Assad out of power and install Islamists.  With two-thirds of the country decrying his assertion, Obama stood up in public and said he is not the one who will lose credibility for drawing that line, but blamed Republicans, all Americans, and the entire world for not backing him up.  Obama has essentially just set himself up as king of the world.

Obama’s entire foreign policy has been to make America weaker in the world.  Obama’s entire domestic policy has been to reduce America’s economic power. Obama’s entire political policy has been to make conservatives to blame for all the ills his policies have wrought while taking no responsibility for his actions.

These are not the traits of a leader, nor are they the actions of the leader of the free world.  They are the petty deeds of a child trying to fill a man’s shoes.  They are the incompetent undertakings of an ignorant man who doesn’t understand how business works.

By any measure, Barack Obama is either the most incompetent president ever to occupy the Oval Office, or the most duplicitous anti-American to be given the power to bring down America.  Obama is the destroyer acting like a buffoon elected by gullible boobs who thought they would get something for nothing.

Rush Limbaugh puts little Barry in perspective:

This is not how a great power operates

Obama’s immature problem with denial

Liberal media will cover for Obama’s incompetent stupidity

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