Republicans were invited to attend MLK event, not to speak, but as props

Democrats are spreading another big lie that Republicans were invited to the MLK 50th anniversary of the “I have a dream” speech.  The lie is not that they were not invited, because they were.  The lie is in the fact that none of them were invited to speak.  They were merely invited to be props on whom liberal derision could be ladled.

Republicans invited to MLK event refuse to be Obama props

This has been a common tactic seen many times with Obama, which he pulled on Romney and Boehner.  He invited Paul Ryan to sit on the front row of an audience as the president spoke of the budget and proceeded to call Ryan a liar and fraud to his face.  Ryan sat mutely as Republican politicians are expected.  What he should have done was stand up and say “you lie” like Rep. Joe Wilson did during Obama’s first SOTU.  Wilson was the only man with the courage to call Obama out when the president lied saying that ObamaCare would not insure illegal immigrants.  He was severely chastised for “violating the dignity of the SOTU” despite telling the truth.

Obama spent much of his speech at the MLK celebration blaming Republicans for the state of the economy, for wanting voter ID laws to stop fraud, and for black crime.  People of Obama’s ilk never pass up an opportunity to spread lies, heap insults, and cast aspersions on others.  Why would any Republican in his right mind want to sit for more abuse by this duplicitous president?

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