Little Barry is ready to go to war, Obama to bomb Syria by his own authority

When President George W. Bush was talking of going to war with Iraq for having WMDs, Democrats demanded he get congressional approval, U.N. backing, and international support before making a move.  Immediately after he got all three, Democrats ran to the microphones to decry his actions and say they were lied to about Saddam’s chemical weapons.  Now that Syria is using chemical weapons that may have been shipped to them as the U.S. was invading Iraq, Obama is ready to go in without international support, against U.N. opposition, and without congressional approval.

Actually, he is taking charge of the military, not as the Commander-in-Chief of the United States, but as a banana republic dictator who is going to punish Assad for ignoring his warning about “crossing the line.”  As he did in Libya, Obama is going to take military action, use American troops and materials to change the outcome of the Syrian civil war.  A year after helping the Libyans overthrow Qaddafi, they stormed the U.S. embassy and killed the ambassador on 9-11-12, an event that Obama and Hillary have gone to great pains to cover-up.

Here, once again as Lt. Col. Ralph Peters points out, our enemies are killing our enemies, why should we interfere?  America should do as President Reagan did in the Iran-Contra affair and actually help our enemies in killing each other.  Neither the Assad regime nor the Muslim Brotherhood is friendly or neutral to the United States.  Both are avowed enemies and helping one against the other will engender no good will from either.

Let our enemies kill our enemies

Liberal Democrats are all for helping the Muslim Brotherhood, the group that took over in Libya and Egypt, take control in Syria as well.  Somehow they believe that this would be to the benefit of the United States.  Yet they have already proven to be a grave threat not only to Israel, but to America and Americans throughout the region.

Obama is the one who made the lame threat of crossing the line.  Now, contrary to what they all said when President Bush led the nation to war they’re ready to go it alone without congressional approval or the support of even the American people?  Let him eat crow.

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