Liberal federal judge forbids Oklahoma from barring Sharia Law

Liberal federal Chief Justice of the United States District Court for the Western District of Oklahoma struck down the constitutional ban backed by the vast majority of Oklahoma voters against using Sharia Law.  In doing so, this judge struck down the U.S. Constitution, the law on which America was founded, posting yet one more piece of evidence proving that liberals are seeking to destroy the Constitution.  Unlike the gay marriage battle in which a few Americans are fighting to have the same rights as others, this judgment overrules Constitutional Law and incorporates not only a foreign law, but a religious law over Americans in violation of the Constitution.

Oklahoma district judge rules Sharia Law may not be banned

Some have said this ruling upheld the 1st Amendment, the first section of which states that:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”

While the amendment to the state’s constitution did not establish any kind of religious authority over the people, but in fact banned it, Judge Vicki Miles-LaGrange asserted that the state failed to prove a compelling interest for an amendment that only singled out one religion.  Although the Constitution and American Law is based on Judeo-Christian values, laws are not based on those of the Christian or Hebrew religions.

Since some courts in the United States have made rulings based on Sharia Law at the behest of Moslem solicitors, the people see this as a violation of the Constitution and American law.  In negating this ban, this judge has effectively ruled that the oppressive religious laws of Islam may be imposed on the people of Oklahoma.  Several other states have passed such bans and had them upheld.  Although this is said to be the last step in the appeal process, this battle is not over as one Oklahoma legislator has already called for the impeachment of Judge Miles-LaGrange for violating her oath to uphold the Constitution.

This is a pattern within the administration of Barack Hussein Obama.  This judge is just a microcosm of the whole.  Obama himself violated the Constitution a number of times already, granting citizen’s rights to the children of illegal immigrants.  His own attorney general violates the Constitution declaring which laws he will and will not uphold.  Once again, the depth of betrayal of America law and culture is made apparent in the actions of liberal Democrats.

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