A PLAGUE ON BOTH YOUR HOUSES – and your little dog, too

Congress has an approval rating in the teens.  American’s are unhappy, upset, depressed over the economy and the “direction of the country.”  90% of people have no idea how their government works, their president keeps telling them he is struggling against the forces in Washington to make things better, and the media stopped reporting the facts long ago, but instead tell people what to think.  Our Constitution is being violated by tyrants.  America is burning.  The American Dream is dying.

From its founding, two parties of thought of how America should be governed battled for supremacy.  The dominant rightwing party was led by those who believed in individual liberty to prosper with government acting only as protector to insure equal opportunity.  The subordinate leftwing party believed that people should be governed to insure equal outcomes.  These two coalesced into Republicans and Democrats.

During the first century of America’s existence, the right dominated the government.  All of America’s greatest presidents whose faces were carved into Mt. Rushmore were rightwing Christians who believed the power in their hands was for to serve the people.  Congress, likewise, was dominated by the right, with both executive and legislative branches only occasionally being ruled by the left, but never for very long.

In America’s second century, Democrats came up with a formula to take power away from the Republicans by saying they are the party of the little guy while Republicans are only for the rich.  This lie has resonated with an ignorant, greedy public for the last century despite historical evidence to the contrary and the legacies of America’s five greatest presidents, Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Reagan.  Each of them believed in keeping power in the hands of the people and not only freed the slaves, but saved workers from indentured servitude, helped people unionize, and broke the backs of monopolies.

Democrat’s formula for success has been condemning entrepreneurs for becoming wealthy and convincing the voting public that they must confiscate that wealth to make them “pay their fair share.”  The problem is that the more money government takes from business, the less they have to grow and create more jobs.  Democrats tell people that the rich get richer while the poor get poorer.  You can’t get more poor than zero and as inflation grows people at the top will make more money.

Ending the Democrat Century

That more people are becoming poor is a given when the government takes money from companies so they cannot award raises, hire more people to work, and grow the company.  Profits are the lifeblood of the economy that wealthy businessmen pump back into the economy to effect growth, not something they hide in their mattress and hoard.  As government takes more from them, however, the owners of businesses are not going to accept having less for the business they spend their lives building, but will pay themselves more.  Hence, gross incomes become extremely disparate, but net incomes are not so different.

If you believe that your employer doesn’t pay you what you believe you are worth, then quit your job and start your own company and pay yourself what you want and find out just how hard it is to run a business.  People may work for an employer forty hours a week, but the people who run that business put in twice as many hours.  They are not going to expend that effort if their wages are going to be stolen away by government.  Would you?

America was initially set up so that only taxpayers could vote for who would spend those taxes.  Thanks to corruption of Democrat’s universal suffrage, anyone who can breathe can vote, and as even ancient Romans understood, when you give the mob the vote, they will vote for benefits for themselves.  This leads to more corruption as campaigns become the venue for panderers, demagogues, and smear-mongers, and promises like “a chicken in every pot,” “a car in every garage,” “a house for every family,” all promises of Democrats promising the sun, the moon, and the stars to the gullible.

Republicans, seeing their electorate taken away, adopted the same positions as Democrats, resulting in moderates taking over the Republican Party and becoming Democrat lite.  The problem is in their financial waste and corrupt spending, both believing in borrowing money and putting taxpayers into debt, using that money to subsidize their friends rather than allowing people the freedom to prosper from their own labor.  They tell the people it is only fair they prosper, too, but all they are doing is legalizing stealing.

El Supremo President Barack Hussein Obama

Government could not accomplish this without the help of their little lapdog – the liberal media.  Like the force, propaganda has a strong effect on the weak minded.  The use of misinformation, half-truths, and distraction are all tools that enable them to turn people from the truth and instill in them distrust of the righteous.  The language in Hollywood movies corrupts people’s mind.

Movie makers have been turning people from God and righteousness for decades, glorifying criminals and deifying Satanism.  Vampires become romanticized as if there is power in death and becoming a soulless creature of the night.  Socialism is portrayed as righteousness rather than for the oppressive slavery to the state that it is, while capitalists are depicted to be greedy power-mongers rather than individuals who strive to make the world better.

Movies like “The Ides of March” are Democrat propaganda pieces that depict Democrats as righteous and blame Republicans as being everything that Democrats are.  Even Star Trek attacked conservatives in “Star Trek VI,” saying that ‘conservatives among the Klingons want war.’

There is nothing conservative about war.  War conserves nothing, but expends everything.  Even the great America icon, Superman, has been corrupted in comics, saying he is not an American, but a “citizen of the world.”  And in “Smallville” where, in the final season a self-righteous hypocrite says about Lois and Clark, “I’ll never understand liberals.”

The immorality of the left is not just a fact, but evidenced in their way of life in rejecting God or any other moral authority besides their own cravings.  There is a fine line between a symbiotic relationship and a parasitic disease.  Without the strong leadership of the righteous, people will attach to the weakness of desire.

There is nothing right about the left

People like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Mark Levin speak of righteousness to their listeners every day.  Levin has written extensively on the loss of liberty, the overthrow of the Constitution, and the corruption of government.  His latest book, “The Liberty Amendments,” tells how the Founders put safeguards into the Constitution against the day that the federal government became corrupt.  Congress must be forced to put four amendments into the Constitution.  The most important is the –

28th Amendment

Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally to the Senators and/or Representatives; and, Congress shall make no law that applies to the Senators and/or Representatives that does not apply equally to the citizens of the United States.

  • The second is to require a balanced budget and that monies are not spent on each other’s friends and to buy votes.
  • The third is term limits as government is meant to be a service and not a career.
  • The fourth is that voter ID laws be implemented and enforced so that people cannot vote illegally or while dead, to stop pollsters from stuffing the ballot box, and restore the vote to those responsible for contributing to the economy and not those who would feed at the public trough as parasites.  Charity must be left to the conscience of the people and not to the dictates of the government.  And gerrymandering must be outlawed.

Liberals and moderates will fight these amendments tooth and nail because it will strip them of their power to promise money to their voters.  Either this will be the next war won in the battle for control of government to restore America or it will lead to the next civil war.  And war never resolves who is right, it only resolves who is left, and the chance of that being the righteous is very, very small.

Mark Levin – The Liberty Amendments

“Obama says, ‘America needs to be rebuilt from the middle out.’  America was built from the bottom up.  Building from the middle out is how politicians get fat.” – Dustin Koellhoffer

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