Liberals have to lie about Limbaugh who says don’t be like liberals

Last week, Rush Limbaugh presented the exposé that Bill and Hillary Clinton are getting rich off of a charity on which they are supposedly spending their money.  How, Limbaugh asks, are the Clintons are getting wealthy?  New York Times reporter says Rush has his facts wrong, that the people who work for the charity are not getting rich.  Rush didn’t say their employees were getting rich.  What planet is he on?  He’s on the asteroid of Obamaville while Rush lives in Realville.

Liberals always lie about what conservatives say and believe

Rush also tackled Newt Gingrich’s bringing the GOP to task for failing to present positive ideas rather than just being against Democrat ideas.  But Rush says he failed in separating conservative values from liberal values.  Republicans cannot follow the Democrat lead always proposing their own version of the Democrat agenda.  What Democrats want is wrong for America and if Republicans want to present alternatives then they must start from conservative values and not from that of liberals.

Don’t follow liberals

Rush emphasized that both parties are acting contrary to the Constitution, even to the point that Barack Obama is acting as a despot.  Mark Levin wrote a book on how the people can regain control of their government.  The people’s trust in capitalism and the free market must be restored and this shift toward socialism needs to be crushed before America is lost to corruption.

Restore the Constitution to defeat the despotism of Obama

There are many conservative Christians who, like Sarah Palin, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and a score of others would be great candidates for president.  But every one of them will be savaged, raped, and smeared by the liberal media.  Americans need to give liberal media and their candidates what they dish out tit for tat.

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