El Supremo President Barack Hussein Obama

Barack Obama is on the verge of successfully granting amnesty to over twelve million illegal aliens.  Despite promises that they would be unable to vote for twenty years, and as a man who never keeps his word and has had no shame in making his own law, Obama will immediately use executive orders to make them full-fledged citizens and give them the vote for the 2014 midterms.  If he can do this, then he can overwhelm Republicans at the polls and gain another Supermajority, which would enable him to abolish the 22nd Amendment and become Supreme President of the United States in a bloodless coup.

Republicans are culpable with moderates “compromising” with Obama to save some semblance of their own power and position.  Only a part of the GOP is conservative and they are in the minority.  Republicans who believe that being more liberal is the way to attract voters from Democrats are the ones who are feeding into the corruption of the culture.

“When good compromises with evil, evil wins.” – Rush Limbaugh

That great societies always fall from internal corruption is a fact of history, but what is it that leads to that corruption?  People who work together, who respect one another, and establish mutual trade for the benefit of all, always attract the greedy who infiltrate and corrupt their society.  What does it say about the descendants of the people who established a conservative Christian republic, who elected Barry Sotero, raised in Indonesia to believe in socialism, Islam, and dictators, to be their leader?  What does it truly say of the culture of corruption that they went so far as to re-elect him after witnessing the destruction he wrought, and allow him to establish a dictatorship over them?

When people deify their leaders

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