Obama’s phony scandal brings about embassy closings in Moslem world

On Aug 2 the State Department issued a worldwide travel alert due to an Al-Qaeda intercept saying that an attack is imminent.  Twenty-two embassies in Moslem countries throughout the Middle East, Asia, and North Africa were closed and will remain closed for several days.  The report says that Al-Qaeda and affiliated Islamist Jihadi groups made “specific threats” that resulted in the generalized action.

CNN reports embassy closings

Since declaring that the Benghazi attack last year was one of the “phony scandals” that have shaken the White House, an attack that resulted in America’s embassy in Libya being destroyed and ambassador killed, President Obama is seen as once again portraying his weakness in foreign affairs.  Bill Krystol of the Weekly Standard remarked that Obama has gone from reaching out to Moslem countries, to announcing bin Laden is dead and Al-Qaeda on the run, to tucking tail and fleeing from the latest threat.

Bill Kristol criticizes “Obama on the run”

Referring to the movie that the Obama regime said was responsible for the attacks last 9-11, Rush Limbaugh quipped, “Was the film maker released?”  After assisting the Muslim Brotherhood to overthrow Libya’s Qaddafi and Egypt’s Mubarak, Obama has continued to support them the last two years despite acts of war.  On 9-11 in 2012, the Libyans stormed the American embassy and killed the ambassador, while Egyptians breached the walls of the embassy in Cairo to raise the Al-Qaeda flag.  Since then Egyptian who elected Muslim Brotherhood leader Morsi have ousted him after he attempted to usurp dictatorial powers.

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