Niggardly Democrats grant ObamaCare subsidies for tyrants

On Friday, President Obama granted waivers and subsidies to members of Congress and their staffs to help them pay for ObamaCare.  Congressmen, who are paid more than $175,000 a year and their staffs that average $70,000 a year, all from taxpayer dollars, complained that they could not afford ObamaCare taxes.  These taxes would detract from their very important jobs according to Pelosi (D-Cal.) and Reid (D-Nev.) who whined that complying with the law they inflicted on America would be too demanding for the lawmakers.  Lawmakers who make laws on the people they do not follow themselves are not servants, they are tyrants.

President Obama gives Congress ObamaCare tax waivers

Obama is giving them from $5,000 up to $11,000 directly from the Office of Personnel Management so they don’t have to go through the ObamaCare exchanges to prove income and request the subsidies.  Unions that vote Democrat are requesting that same waivers from paying the ObamaCare taxes as many corporations have already received from the president.  Last week, Obama announced that the full implementation of ObamaCare would be delayed another year until after the 2014 elections due to the costs involved saying he does not want them to influence the election.

Economists, union leaders, and corporate heads are all saying that when ObamaCare goes into effect employment will plunge as companies that did not receive waivers scramble to pay the tax.  Unions say that many workers can say goodbye to the forty hour work week and expect to only work part-time to defray the costs of the new tax.  Even Democrats are saying this is a train wreck about to happen to the economy and suggest the solution is for government to take over the insurance and medical industries completely through single payer.

Republicans conservatives again warn that having government take over anything means that it will be regulated according to ideology and not according to quality, ability, or necessity.  Obama crowed over the latest unemployment report that puts the unemployment rate at 7.4% by the addition of 162,000 jobs last month.  But this runs contrary to the employment statistics that reports another million people have left the workforce.

There are now 10,000,000 fewer people working than under Bush in 2006 before Democrats gained control of Congress and took charge of the economy.  The “Affordable Care Act” known as ObamaCare is doing all the damage and enacting all the corruption that conservatives said it would.  The actions of Obama and the Democrats are proof that, while they are very extravagant in their spending taxpayer money on themselves, they are very niggardly in spending that money on taxpayers.

Limbaugh – The Ruling Class vs. the Country Class

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