Rush Limbaugh has last laugh on liberal media

Conservative talk show mogul, Rush Limbaugh, continues to have the last laugh on liberal media who keep predicting his demise as they get flushed down the toilet.  The Washington Post was just bought out by Amazon in a fire sale and the Boston Globe sold off at 93% loss.  Liberals moving to social media like Twitter to spew their bile to young people who don’t pay attention to the news and events in order to keep them misinformed.

Limbaugh: Last man standing

Liberal media keeps predicting the demise of Rush Limbaugh’s influence through scandals they manufacture.  They have condemned him in the past for being addicted to pain killers, which is nothing like engaging in mood altering drugs and snorting cocaine like the man they love as president.  They’ve accused him of racism, bigotry, homophobia, and waging a war on women like Sandra Fluke whom he called a slut because she wants the government to pay for her birth control because she’s having so much sex with so many men on campus.

The liberal media Leftist ideology is so blatant and ingrained in them, they cannot see the forest for the trees.  MSNBC’s Chris Matthews defends his “objectivity” by pointing out that Obama doesn’t go on his show.  Fact is, Matthew’ nose is stuck so far up Obama’s butt that every time Obama farts, Matthews just has to open his mouth to let the BS flow out.  The messiah doesn’t need to speak to him when he can speak through him.

Matthews claims objectivity in his Leftist ideology

The fact is, for the many who do not listen to Rush, that he is a man who speaks truth and righteousness against which the Left has no defense.  So they engage in character assassination, lies, and mockery to dissuade the naïve and ignorant from listening to him and learning the truth.  Young people who have little time for politics except to read a headline or hear a sound bite are the most easily duped, which is how Democrats have gotten away with portraying themselves as the party “for the little guy” for the last century.  The only thing Democrats are for is to keep the little guy little so they have someone dependent on them, someone that they can fool into believing they act for the good of the people and blame the Republicans for everything Democrat policies ruin.

There is nothing right about the Left

Rush Limbaugh often has callers who profess to be former liberals who were told not to listen to him, but when they did were surprised to find that all the hype about him was propaganda and lies.

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