Black leaders encourage disgusting black culture

MLK quote on darkness

In the 1920s, out of wedlock birthrate among blacks was 13%, today it is over 70%.  Black women who used to be wives and sweethearts are now referred to as b*tches and ho’s.  Those who work for a living are called chumps for not living off government welfare and food stamps or scoring deals on the streets.  If they get an education and work with white people they are Uncle Toms, while those who deal drugs, steal, or join gangs to be thugs and criminals are glorified as being “gangsta” and “pimp.”  Everything that is immoral and depraved in America has been adopted by blacks as their cultural norm and black leaders like Barack Obama and Al Sharpton, rather than discourage this behavior, are promoting it.

Ben Carson

The deterioration of black culture in America in the last fifty years has all resulted from Democrat leadership and their idea of a Great Society.  Black crime and murder rates are ten times that of other races.  Black on black crime accounts for 95% of blacks murdered in America, and blacks commit three to five times more interracial crime than anyone else.  Rather than living the dream for which Martin Luther King, Jr. fought and died, blacks took their newfound freedom from oppression in America and sank into a pit of corruption.

The Great Society destroyed the black family

Speaking with Bill O’Reilly this week, Kirsten Powers said she believes that the “sudden concern over black on black crime” is whites trying to stick it to blacks.  O’Reilly, who has begun a campaign against the deterioration of America’s black culture, is being condemned by the race hatred industry of Barack Obama and Al Sharpton and the Left.  Rather than promote blacks in America improving their lives through righteous living, they promise to steal from the rich and give to them, to blame others for the collapse of black culture, and to fight those who would lift blacks out of the corruption and help them get ahead and actually live the America Dream.

Kirsten Powers

The emphasis of whites on black crime has everything to do with defending the rights of citizens like George Zimmerman to defend themselves.  The whole reason why concealed handgun, castle, and stand your ground laws have come into being is because of massive black crime.  That and the government spending more effort to prosecute victims who defend themselves rather than criminals resulted in these modifications.  Black leaders are attempting to take away those rights and make the victims into the criminals.

Obama demonizing white people

Police in New York have been conducting stop and frisk to seize guns from black gang members.  This extreme measure in violation of the Constitution has been made necessary by the out of control black crime rate and has succeeded in reducing the murder rate by 80%.  But black leaders are not telling people the truth, nor are they promoting those who succeed through work, but feeding the lies and damaging the psyche of their followers.  Congressional representatives like Monique Davis (D-Ill.) spreads rumors that Chicago police are murdering black children, and Charlie Rangel (D-N.Y.) saying the Tea Party is composed of the same people who opposed civil rights, when it was Democrats who fought the abolition of slavery and establishment of civil rights, unashamedly lie to the people.

Rep. Davis spreads lies about police

Rep. Rangel lies about Tea Party and Democrat’s past

What is worse is that blacks who profit from the race hatred industry are coming forward to defend the likes of Sharpton, Jackson, and others who lead this industry.  Their efforts to keep Americans divided and pour salt into wounds rather than heal them keeps black kids in a state of rebellion against growing up, acting morally responsible to build families, and maintain their destitute lifestyle by teaching them they can only get ahead in sports, entertainment, or crime.  Sharpton condemned O’Reilly and all others who strive to help black culture rise out of the swamp of despair into which Sharpton and those like him have led them.

Sharpton strikes back

The numbers of blacks who stand up for righteousness are few and far between.  95% support Obama and Sharpton and demonize the few who would see black culture turn from licentious criminality to loving and productive families.  Men like Herman Cain, Jesse Watts, Allen West, and Artur Davis are reviled by the gangstas because they have achieved success in contrast to black culture in America.

Don Lemon condemned for saying O’Reilly doesn’t go far enough

How many of their children must die before black fathers stand up and take responsibility for their lives?  When will they say, put down the basketball and do your homework?  When will they stop doing drugs and get a job?  What will it take for them to turn from criminal pursuits, dependence on government redistribution, and believing it’s cool to be a convict, pull your pants up and act like men?  What is it going to take to get them to see that blaming others for the problems they are creating for themselves is not going to lead them to a solution?

Rush Limbaugh is right when he says the Leftist agenda in this country has led the people down the path of division and destruction and is feeding off of their woes.  Rather than fix the problem, liberals only want to fix blame.  Obama’s ideology of taking from the rich is not helping to create jobs in this country, but destroying the economy.  The American Dream is founded on the freedom to prosper by one’s own effort, and Obama’s Democrats are not part of that dream, they are the nightmare.

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