Phony scandals or a phony president, Obama makes another economy speech

Speaking at Knox College yesterday, President Obama made an hour long speech saying that America is still recovering from the economic damage done by Republican policies.  The president lauded American determination that has lifted the country out of recessions and depressions in the past saying that people will recover from this “Great Recession” and prosper despite opposition.  Obama blamed Republicans for the continued economic malaise saying that they have been distracting the country with “phony scandals.”

Obama says Republican’s “phony scandals” have distracted from economy

Rush Limbaugh and many other detractors scorned Obama for having been the president in Washington for the last four and a half years enacting his policies and then blaming Republicans for the results.  He said that, “…for people who have not been paying attention, for low-information people, Obama sounds like somebody that thinks we need to fix the economy.”  Limbaugh condemned Republicans for not pushing back, for working to “not be disliked” rather than countering Obama’s constant laying blame on them for his economy saying, “Obama has embraced the Limbaugh Theorem.”

Limbaugh calls speech embarrassing

Obama said again that America needs to repair obsolete roads and bridges, to invest more in alternative energies, and that the middle class must have more money to spend.  Republican Speaker Boehner (R-Ohio) rebutted this speech saying if the president were serious about improving the economy he would open oil and coal production, permit the Keystone Pipeline to be built, and stop wasting taxpayer’s money on failed alternative energy initiatives and increasing taxes through ObamaCare.  Boehner called his speech a hollow shell, “an Easter egg with no candy in it.”

Obama making the same empty promises, says Boehner 

The only phony in Washington is Obama

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