The lynching of George Zimmerman by the Obama Administration

Putting the last nails in Trayvon Martin’s coffin, no Emmett Till was he.  The death of Trayvon Martin has been compared to the lynching of Emmett Till in Mississippi in 1955, of a young black boy who was murdered for being black. But the lynching that took place in Florida in 2012 was not of a little black boy, but of a Hispanic man for defending himself against a vicious attacker.  In collusion with the Obama Administration, the liberal media perpetrated a complete fraud on the American public in order to advance the Obama agenda to demonize white people and enact gun control legislation to disarm them.

Bill Whittle exposes evidence tampering by Obama and media

Talking to Piers Morgan after the trial, Rachel Jeantel inadvertently told the truth, that Trayvon Martin had circled back to attack Zimmerman just as George said, and was killed while committing a hate crime against a presumed homosexual.  This is the reason black angst died down after a weekend or rioting and killing for “Justice for Trayvon.”  When Obama came out the next Friday, three days after Jeantel spilled the beans, he didn’t call for peace, but told the black community, “Trayvon could have been me,” attempting to incite them to more anger that their exalted leader could have been killed by a white man.  But his provocation fell as flat as his economic initiatives.

Rush highlights what Jeantel revealed

All of the evidence in the case exonerated George Zimmerman, but that didn’t stop Obama and the NAACP from bringing political pressure on Florida to persecute this man for defending his community and his life.  Obama and his attorney general forced Florida’s government to fire the sheriff who refused to arrest Zimmerman on trumped up charges and hire a special prosecutor from out of state to file false murder charges.  Blacks are calling for profiling to be labeled a hate crime.  This wanton corruption of the laws of the United States and racist persecution by Obama and his ilk is the black version of the KKK.

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