There is no intelligent life at MSNBC promoting Obama economy

MSNBC’s Ed Schultz calls Detroit a “Republican utopia.”  He is not facetiously referring to Detroit’s bankruptcy being the Republican’s dream of an example of the failure of Democrat policies.  He is saying that Detroit followed conservative policies and they resulted in the collapse of their city.

Demented liberal MSNBC’s Schultz blames Republicans for Democrat economy

The question is not how stupid does he think people are?  The question is how many stupid people will believe his stupidity is fact?  Detroit hasn’t had a Republican or conservative, even on the city council, in the last thirty years.  It is a bastion of liberal Democrats.

Likewise, President Obama believes that an economy grows only by the middle class spending money.  He talks about Americans who must be willing to strive for a better life through hard work.  But then he thinks that wealth should be taken from them and shared with freeloaders so they have money to spend rather than having jobs of their own to make money.

Obama’s liberal backwards think of how the economy works

Barack Obama announced that he will make many speeches to advance the economy.  He has been doing so for the last five years always talking about how the government will fix roads and bridges, yet nothing gets done and for that he blames Republicans.  Obama continues to campaign to “change Washington” all while he has been running Washington and ruining the economy with his wealth redistribution, alternative energy initiatives, and confiscatory taxation to pay for ObamaCare and entitlements for people who say they would rather have jobs.

Obama economy continues blaming Republicans

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