Liberals like Obama changed economy from American Dream to black nightmare

Just as liberalism has led blacks from having a chance at living the American Dream as Martin Luther King, Jr. hoped, to living the black nightmare of Obama and those who benefit from the race hatred industry, America has fallen from prosperity to poverty in cities and states that have embraced Democrat policies for the past fifty years.  Since 1965 and the New Society of Lyndon Johnson, black families have devolved and black crime and poverty have become worse than ever.  Their leaders in the racial grievance industry strive not to heal the wounds, but to aggravate them to keep themselves employed.

Obama part of race grievance industry just like Sharpton and Jackson


The president is once against proposing his agenda to lift the economy.  John Kennedy said, “A rising tide lifts all boats,” and he lowered taxes.  Obama says that’s wrong, that that’s a “you’re on your own economy.”  He says we need socialism.


Obama’s idea of growing the economy is not for companies to make profits that permit them to grow, but that consumers in the middle class make the economy grow by spending more.  To this purpose he proposes to increase taxes on the upper class to take the money they save and give it to the lower classes to spend.  Businesses that are shrinking because of higher taxes through ObamaCare and other Democrat initiatives and Obama is prepared to blame the failure of his policies on Republicans.

Obama’s upside down understanding of the economy

Liberals always blame others for the problems they create.  Like Obama, they do one thing and say another to fool the naïve and ignorant.  In Detroit, a Democrat fortress where Republicans have not even had a member of the city council in thirty years, their policies have destroyed the city.  As people moved away, the government continued to grow and suck up whatever wealth is left in tax revenue.  Ed Schultz of MSNBC then condemned Republicans for the disaster claiming Democrats followed conservative policies that destroyed the city.

Demented liberal MSNBC’s Schultz blames Republicans for Democrat economy

Don’t cry for me Detroit

Liberals always lie about conservatives

Obama is saying once again (for the umpteenth time) he will refocus on the economy (and give a pretty good speech about it), no doubt saying roads and bridges need to be repaired while blaming Republicans for “distracting” the nation with Obama’s scandals.  He’s not ending his war on energy, coal and oil production, but promises to invest in alternative energies, i.e. spending more billions taxpayer dollars on failed initiatives.  America can expect more of the same song and dance, dog and pony show with the same pie in the sky empty promises of a liberal who knows nothing about how an economy works, let alone grows.

Obama economy continues destroying jobs and blaming Republicans

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