Blacks may lack the intelligence or morals to comprehend Zimmerman’s innocence

On July 19th, Sean Hannity held a panel to discuss race relations in America.  The panel was a mix of liberals and conservatives, blacks and whites.  In their debate the flaw in liberal thinking is clearly revealed.

Hannity panel of race in the Zimmerman verdict

At minute 21:20 Sean welcomed Cleo Manago, a well-known gay black man who speaks out about civil rights.  In this case, his presentation of the facts of the case were all non-facts, nonsensical, incoherent ramblings of an unintelligent mind with no grasp of any of the known facts.  His constant assertions of ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ along with his denial of all known facts make him intellectually dysfunctional and hazardous to the uninformed.

Cleo Manago is a perfect example of the unintelligent black liberal who believes he knows something but reveals himself to be as vacuous as a mentally retarded child.  His intellectual discourse is proof that people with an IQ in the mentally retarded range can still move his lips and make words.  But when you take his “points” one by one, it is easy to see there are no flaws in his logic because he is completely devoid of logic.

Even the most basic facts of this case are lost on Manago.

  • Martin walked through Zimmerman’s neighborhood.
  • Zimmerman followed him.
  • Martin eluded him.
  • Martin returned and attacked him.
  • Zimmerman shot him.

Manago kept asserting that Trayvon was innocently walking through the neighborhood, was assaulted by Zimmerman who then stalked him, and when he turned to confront him, Zimmerman shot him.  This is the delusion of a retard who didn’t understand anything that was said by Rachel Jeantel, the only witness to the entire event, and the report of an eye witness.  Jeantel revealed some of the truth to Piers Morgan when she admitted that Martin had left the scene and then decided to go back and give Zimmerman a “whoop ass” because he thought he was a gay predator.

Manago’s belief completely denies that Zimmerman was severely beaten while Martin’s only injury was bruised knuckles from beating him.  He uses terms like “stalking” to describe Zimmerman following Martin and describes him as confronting Martin maliciously, while it is obvious from Zimmerman’s character that he is no fighter.  This is the kind of mental defect that passes for intelligent thought in the black community.

Here are the rest of the facts presented with Cleo Manago embellshments:

  • Martin innocently walked thru Zimmerman’s neighborhood
  • Zimmerman innocently thought he was suspicious
  • Zimmerman innocently followed him (it is not a crime to follow people)
  • Martin innocently eluded Zimmerman
  • Martin innocently went back to confront Zimmerman
  • Martin punched him and that is where the crime began
  • Martin gave Zimmerman a felony beating that could have killed him
  • Zimmerman shot him, stopping a vicious criminal from beating him to death

There was no civil rights violation and no crime until Trayvon Martin began his assault.  When he began smashing Zimmerman’s head on the sidewalk it became felony assault with a deadly weapon.  Blacks complaining that Zimmerman had no right to follow Martin who, according to his girlfriend thought he was some kind of cop or security guard, are the same ones who object to police arresting blacks for committing crimes.

Carol Swain, a black Christian conservative on Hannity’s panel, turned to the liberal beside her who claimed Zimmerman was a racist and said she was ridiculous.  She declared that the problem no one will talk about is black crime rates being far in excess of all other races.

David Webb is an intelligent, moral black man, and for that he is ridiculed and held in contempt by the black community as an “Uncle Tom.”  Webb said he has heard a lot about black life being held as less valuable, but that is only the opinion of liberals like Barack Obama who said, if their races had been reversed, everything would have been different.  This, like black crime rates and violence, is a major problem in that these people cannot learn righteousness if they reject the righteous.

Bob Beckel complained that Zimmerman had made prior reports to the police several times about suspicious black men in his community.  The fact is, black men between 15 and 50 are twenty times more likely to engage in criminal activity than any other similar demographic group.  On that basis alone they deserve to be profiled which, as David Webb points out, is a necessary tool of law enforcement.

The solution to the deterioration of black culture is obviously not found in government welfare which has been the driving force in their downfall.  America can either follow the recommendation of Tavis Smiley and give them all guns so they kill each other off faster, or raise Star Parker as an example to follow.  Stop blaming the white people who say work and start blaming those who say steal.

As a final note, people like comedian Bill Maher are part of the problem.  He does not educate anyone, he merely mocks them.  He made slanderous jokes about Zimmerman on David Letterman that were booed by the audience who apparently understand justice better than him.  Notorious lampooner known for his mockery and ridicule of all things Christian conservative, Bill Maher with a science book is like a monkey with a hammer.  He only understands how to hit someone with it.

Bill Maher booed for Zimmerman jokes

Black and white crime rates

  • White, Hispanic, Asian – 88% of population commit 43% of murders
  • Black – 12% of population commit 57% of murders
  • Blacks murder whites 3x more than whites murder blacks
  • Final result – blacks are 10x more likely than whites to commit murder

The fact is liberals promote abortion and leniency in the criminal justice system since 1960.  Since then the murder and crime rate by blacks has skyrocketed.  The only factors that caused this to reverse since 1990 have been increased incarceration and concealed weapon laws allowing citizens to protect themselves.  As a result of liberal policies blacks, who make up 12% of the population, account for over 50% of abortions and murders.  Who is it that holds black’s lives cheap?

Ontario study of racial crime rates

Blacks support Democrats and liberalism against conservatism by a factor of 19:1.  With only 5% of blacks understanding the truth and morality, there may be little hope that the black race will ever rise beyond their racist animosity.  This will only feed in to racists who believe all blacks are bad.  With 95% supporting liberal policies that are destructive to black culture and American values, they have a point, making the efforts of the 5% who are trying to lift them out of this pit all the harder.

By example, Kirsten Powers actually had the gall to say, “Conservatives only bring up black crime rates when they can stick it to the black community.”  It makes conservatives want to jump to their feet and scream, “What the f*ck is wrong with your brain?  We’ve been talking about this for the last THIRTY YEARS!!!”

When people like Tavis Smiley suggest we should arm all black teenagers so they can “protect themselves from white people like Zimmerman.”  In light of how many black teens are being gunned down by other black teens it becomes so stupid that people are inclined to say, “As if they aren’t carrying guns already?  You go right ahead and watch them wipe each other out!”

In Forrest Gump’s eternal wisdom, the difference between brains and morals are made clear.  Forrest understood that stupid is as stupid does, but though he was not a smart man, he knew what love is.  Love is not found in guns, drugs, basketball, bitches, and being gangsta.

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