Blacks object to being profiled, being labeled as a ‘criminal race’

Speaking on the Rush Limbaugh Show Monday, Rickie from Kansas City said,

“We have the right to walk the streets unmolested, unchallenged, unhindered.  No matter where I go because I pay taxes my children have the right to walk the streets unmolested, unchallenged, unhindered.  That’s not what happened with the Trayvon Martin case.  He was in an area where someone thought he didn’t belong and it escalated from there where one person challenges another person’s right to walk the street unmolested, unhindered, challenged, and we know the result.”

He went on to say that,

“…the problem in America is the mindset that certain people don’t belong where they are and…. can use ‘extra-legal measures’ to challenge them, molest them, or cause them to be hindered in their motion because the Constitution does state clearly that I have a right to be secure in my person.”

Believing Trayvon Martin was unjustly profiled

There are three degrees of homicide in America law.

  • 1st degree murder is deliberately plotting to commit murder
  • 2nd degree murder is killing someone while committing a crime
  • 3rd degree murder (manslaughter) is killing someone unintentionally (e.g. drunk driving)

No one accused Zimmerman of plotting to kill Martin, but they charged him with killing him while committing a crime.  What crime did Zimmerman commit?

  • He observed someone he thought was behaving suspiciously.  That is not a crime.
  • He called the police to report them.  That is not a crime.
  • He followed him.  That is not a crime.
  • He got out of his car against police dispatch instruction.  That is not a crime.
  • He stood to confront Martin when he came at him.  That is not a crime.

Rickie of Kansas City implied that Zimmerman accosted Martin for any reason in any way, what crime did he commit?  No crime was committed until Martin punched Zimmerman in the face.  No felony was committed until Martin began bashing Zimmerman’s head on the ground.  These facts are confirmed by witness Rachel Jeantel who was on the phone with Martin, and physical evidence of injuries both sustained.

If you were walking through a neighborhood and someone challenged your right to be there, at what point do you have a right to punch them?

  • If someone challenges your right to be where you are, do you have the right to hit him?
  • If someone accuses you of scoping houses for burglary, do you have the right to hit him?
  • If someone says, “You don’t belong here,” do you have the right to hit him?
  • If someone says, “N*gger go home,” do you have the right to hit him?

The answer (for those who are, morally, legally, and intellectually challenged) is an unequivocal NO!  The only right you have is to walk away and ignore them.  You could stand there and argue with them if you want, but to what point?  If you weren’t doing anything then they are just being an ass.

Rachel Jeantel said that Martin went back to give Zimmerman a “whoop ass” because he believed Zimmerman to be a gay predator.  Zimmerman committed no crime in profiling and following Martin.  Martin did commit a hate crime in attacking Zimmerman.

Martin also, if Jeantel is correctly understood by her definition of “cracka,” thought Zimmerman may have been an off-duty police or security guard, and committed a felony assault just in hitting someone he believed to be an officer of the law.  No matter how you slice it, Zimmerman is innocent of any crime while Martin is guilty of multiple crimes.  The jury got it right.

The judge tried to give the jury a chance to find Zimmerman guilty of killing Martin unintentionally.  But the jury recognized this as a trap, firstly to make Zimmerman the “sacrificial goat” for black ire over fear of riots and more crime by blacks, secondly to make those who defend themselves with lethal force against criminals using lethal force the perpetrator rather than the victim.  Zimmerman is not a racist murderer, he’s a martyr and poster child for black criminal’s liberal persecution and propaganda.

The bottom line is whites are not at fault for profiling blacks as potential criminals.  Blacks are at fault for committing ten times more crimes than any other racial group.  Until they are willing to address that problem and stop making excuses for it and blaming others for their faults, all that will happen is a bunch of racist thugs will demand justice they do not deserve.

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