Justice for Trayvon fizzles despite Obama’s best efforts

Following the Zimmerman not guilty verdict, the race riots, and a few dead white people, the justice for Trayvon movement began to die a well-deserved death.  On Tuesday Rachel Jeantel foolishly told the truth to Piers Morgan, shocking the dim witted who were duped by the Left.  The truth she revealed is that everything George Zimmerman said is true and that the Left’s version of Trayvon Martin is a complete fabrication.  Realizing what she had done, Morgan attempted to cover for her by asking, Could Trayvon have been giving Zimmerman a ‘whoop ass’ in ‘self-defense.’

Rachel Jeantel spills the truth

Realizing that she had spoiled the game, on Friday Barack Obama appeared at a White House press briefing by surprise and did his best to gin up black animosity once again. The president told his vacuous followers that he was Trayvon, that white people could have killed him, their precious messiah, and that they should demand white people give up their guns.  He paid lip service to the violence of black teens and peace, but said nothing about stopping them from being criminals or taking away their guns.

Obama tries to gin up black racism against whites

Over the past five years Obama has not let pass any opportunity to cast the Right as gun crazed murderers of children. With the Trayvon Martin killing, that story has become ‘whitey is murdering little black chillins.’ But Rachel Jeantel spilled the beans and admitted that Trayvon actually was the vicious teen gangster that Zimmerman described who attacked and attempted to kill him, and knocked Obama’s gun control campaign on its ass once again. 
Whites should return the favor to this deceitful, conniving, manipulating Hitler wannabe and his fascistic followers demonizing Christian conservatives the way Hitler demonized the Jews.  He wants to blame white people for the deaths of black children when blacks with guns are the ones killing each other twenty times more? Then we should pull police out of high crime black neighborhoods and let the law of the jungle rule with their gangs, drug dealers, and their pimps and bitches. Put the cops in white neighborhoods so blacks can feel safer there when they invade to commit crimes so they can be protected from white people with guns.

MSNBC pushes Obama Agenda to demonize white people

As far as the Right is concerned, this loathsome, petty, hateful president can take his gun control policies and shove them where the sun don’t shine. 

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