Obama orchestrates racial strife, blacks protest stand your ground law as racism

Before the Zimmerman verdict was in last week Rush Limbaugh highlighted reporters that exposed Obama as the force behind the Justice for Trayvon protests, orchestrating racial strife to promote his gun control agenda.  Limbaugh said this was all part of liberal policy to make people depend on government for everything, including their protection.

Obama orchestrates racial strife

Zimmerman case pure fiction to promote black racism

This case has been a fraud from start to finish.  George Zimmerman was justified in killing Martin, Martin deserved to be shot dead.  Obama and the racist black community in America are intent on destroying Zimmerman as their revenge for white’s daring to defend themselves against black criminals.

Obama justifies this as justice for blacks being brought over as slaves and persecuted.  There is nothing Christian about Obama’s campaign for revenge.  This is the Islamic teaching of Muhammad who spoke in public of peace and then sent his followers in the night to murder those who spoke against him.  Martin Luther King, Jr. is turning over in his grave at what his movement for equality has become.  Obama’s idea of equality is equal racism and persecution.

Dana Perino asks why Obama doesn’t talk about the baby two black teens shot in the face

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