Obama and black racists persecute innocent Zimmerman condemning the white race

George Zimmerman was righteously exonerated of committing any kind of crime in killing Trayvon Martin, yet black leaders, including President Obama and AG Eric Holder, continue to say, “If Zimmerman were on top of Trayvon Martin,” and “He had no right to bring a gun to a fist fight,” and “…could (Trayvon) have stood his ground… (and) been justified in shooting Mr. Zimmerman?”  All of these are lies, distortions, and outright deceptions being perpetrated by Obama and the Left.

Blacks and liberal media lie about Zimmerman

From the start, this tale has been about oppressing whites, calling Zimmerman a “white Hispanic.”  Blacks and our white African-American president say Zimmerman’s story doesn’t fit and has inconsistencies.  Zimmerman’s story has been consistent throughout and has only his wording has changed.  It is the story of those who attempted to make him and not Martin the criminal who changed their stories radically.  This is a common trait of pathological liars and is evident to any honest person who has followed this story and the jury saw through it.

That Trayvon Martin was the attacker and was on top of Zimmerman beating him is an established fact determined by all witnesses and physical evidence that Leftists deny, which is par for the course of Leftist ideologues.  It is not even a possibility that Zimmerman attacked or was on top of Martin.  Believing he could have been is belief in a deceit that is the asylum of immoral fools.

They claim Zimmerman racially profiled Martin.  Yet in the police recording is proof that, too, is a lie.  When asked what the race of the suspicious man was, Zimmerman answered, “He looks black,” because he didn’t know.  He only saw Martin from a distance, obscured by a hoodie in the rain.

As Rachel Jeantel admitted to Piers Morgan, Martin eluded Zimmerman and was almost home when he turned back to give Zimmerman a “whoop ass” because he thought he was gay, a hate crime in itself.  When he surprised Zimmerman as he was walking back to his car, Martin spoke to him.  The words spoken were confirmed by his girlfriend who was listening on her phone and all were as Zimmerman stated.

George Zimmerman did not draw his weapon and shoot Martin because he threatened him.  He did not draw his weapon as Martin approached, contrary to concealed weapons training not to let an attacker get close.  He did not draw his weapon and shoot when Martin’s intent became apparent.   He did not draw his weapon and shoot after being punched in the nose.  He did not draw his weapon and shoot while being pummeled on the ground.  He only drew and shot Martin when his attacker went for his gun.

Zimmerman didn’t bring a gun to a fist fight, but Martin, the attacker, was more than willing to take the gun on his victim and probably would have used it.  No one starts out life as a murderer, but Trayvon Martin, already suspended from school for criminal acts, attacking a stranger because he thought he was gay, was well on his way to becoming one in that moment.  That Martin was already a burglar at seventeen and leading a life of crime is also an established fact.  Part of the corruption of the justice system is that criminal rights forbid bringing up the past of criminals when they stand trial.

A jury rightly found George Zimmerman innocent of any crime in killing Trayvon Martin.  Now a far worse crime is being committed.  Blacks are rioting on the streets and innocent people have been beaten and murdered in the name of “Justice for Trayvon” who got the justice he deserved.  The crime is revenge and persecution and President Obama is the instigator.

In his statement on Friday, July 19, Obama gave lip service to sympathy and peace, and then went on to denounce Zimmerman for daring to defend himself.  He denounced the laws that allow citizens to protect themselves with lethal force against criminals who have become more violent and rampant in the last fifty years thanks to Democrat policies.  Obama excused black violence and called for law-abiding citizens to be disarmed so ‘such “tragedies” would not happen again, that black families need fear for their children from white people.’

The tragedy here is that Obama, as the first black president, did not speak out against black criminals and the violence inherent in black culture, but justified it.  Obama didn’t say black criminals need to disarm, but calls for citizens protecting themselves to be disarmed.  President Obama committed a crime against all of humanity in condemning the righteous while exonerating the wicked.  Obama is not a servant of justice, but a perpetrator of revenge.

This case is not about blacks being oppressed by whites, but of white people being oppressed by blacks.  Blacks make up 12% of the population and account for more than 70% of the violent crime in America.  It is not blacks who should be outraged by this verdict, it is whites who should be outraged by this injustice.  Obama took the oath of office to uphold the Constitution, but instead seeks to subvert it.  He behaves every bit as deceptive and malicious as the ‘Sith Lord’ in “Star Wars.”

O.J. Simpson was found not guilty by a jury of blacks to spite whites for past oppression, despite a mountain of evidence proving he murdered two white people.  Did the government and white people persecute him, have riots, and murder innocent blacks over the verdict?  Since Obama is more concerned about the 6% of blacks killed by white, Hispanics, and Asians than about the 94% murdered by members of their own race, police should be moved from the high crime black neighborhoods to ‘protect black children from wicked white people.’

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