Believing the lie that Trayvon was attacked, Obama gins up race riots

President Obama finally made comments regarding George Zimmerman being exonerated of any crime in killing Trayvon Martin.  Having watched as blacks rioted and committed murders and assaults around the country in the name of “Justice for Trayvon,” he came out in a news conference today and fanned the flames while giving lip service to peaceful protests.  Saying that the trial outcome would have been very different had their situations been reversed, Obama contemplated, if Trayvon had a gun would he have been held innocent for standing his ground?

Obama talks about death of Trayvon

“And for those who resist that idea that we should think about something like these “stand your ground” laws, I’d just ask people to consider, if Trayvon Martin was of age and armed, could he have stood his ground on that sidewalk? And do we actually think that he would have been justified in shooting Mr. Zimmerman who had followed him in a car because he felt threatened? And if the answer to that question is at least ambiguous, then it seems to me that we might want to examine those kinds of laws.”

The answer, Mr. President, is no.  You cannot shoot someone just because you feel threatened.  Stand your ground says you do not have to retreat if you feel threatened which is what was required in previous self-defense laws.  But George Zimmerman did not feel threatened when he shot Trayvon Martin.  He was being viciously assaulted and beaten potentially to death and was unable to retreat.

President Obama believing that Trayvon was on the bottom of that fight is the deception being perpetrated on the people.  All the evidence, that an eye witness saw the man with the hoodie on top, that Zimmerman’s head was bashed and not Martin’s, and by the admission of Martin’s girlfriend, Rachel Jeantel, that he attacked Zimmerman to give him a “whoop ass.”  There is no reasonable doubt as to who was on top, no possibility of ‘if it were Zimmerman.  To believe this is to deny facts, deny reality, and deny truth.  Such denial is the pathological mental defect of criminal minds who would deny seeing themselves on video and is nothing less than a God-damned lie!

The Great Divider has made his stand and ambiguously made remarks about black culture and how blacks are looked on with suspicion, barely referring to the fact that black men commit a hundred times more crime than any other demographic group.  He made the usual Democrat pledge that the nation must look into ways to make life better for young black men.  Yet it is and has always been Democrat policies that make life for blacks in America terrible.

How about making prison so terrible that they will be afraid to commit crimes rather than eager to do so without fear of the consequences?  That worked great until the criminal justice system was corrupted over the last fifty years to be more concerned for criminal rights than for those of their past and future victims.  How about telling them not to take up crime in the first place?

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