Zimmerman family and jurors get guns and hide from black criminals

NAACP leaders are saying it is racist to believe black men are criminals and guilty until proven innocent, yet the Zimmerman family and the jurors and defense team on his case are all in hiding and/or carrying guns to protect themselves from them.  All of them have received multiple death threats from the black community who demand “Justice for Trayvon.”  Across the country, innocent people have been beaten and murdered by black men.  What is racist about calling rioters and murderers criminals?

MSNBC guest says ‘Stand your ground laws’ “humiliating to blacks”

Despite the ‘Stand Your Ground’ law not being a part of this case, Attorney General Eric Holder said that this law “senselessly expands the concept of self-defense and sows dangerous conflict in our neighborhoods.”  He also said that, “These laws try to fix something that was never broken.  There has always been a legal defense for using deadly force if, and the ‘if’ is important, if no safe retreat is available.”

Eric Holder attempting to charge Zimmerman with racism

Concealed weapon, Castle, and Stand Your Ground Laws have all been put into effect in conservative states to give citizens protections from being prosecuted by the law when they defend themselves from criminals.  Prior to these laws, citizens who defended themselves with lethal force were prosecuted by the state as criminals.  This situation has become intolerable to citizens who were expected to allow criminals to destroy them and leave government law enforcement to clean up the mess.

Crime has become rampant in the last fifty years.  Blacks are crying about Trayvon Martin who was killed was committing a felony crime against George Zimmerman that could have killed or maimed him.  Blacks say they are not criminals to be profiled, yet 11,000 blacks have been murdered, 94% of them by other blacks, with illegal guns in the year since Zimmerman shot Martin, and none of them are crying about that.  Blacks make up 12% of the population and account for 75% of the violent crime.

This is not about white men being racists.  This is not about black children being gunned down on the streets.  This is about the rights of white men to defend themselves against criminals, most of whom happen to be black.

This is about black criminals objecting to citizens being able to defend themselves.  This is about corrupted black culture and their leaders who want to gin up race hatred rather than help blacks get ahead in America.  This is what you get with Democrats who enslaved blacks contrary to Republicans who freed them.

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