Citizen hero George Zimmerman persecuted by Obama and NAACP

Since promising that his administration would bring an end to racial strife, America is more divided along racial lines than ever.  Now that George Zimmerman has been found not guilty of any crime in killing Trayvon Martin while defending himself, blacks are rioting, murdering innocent people, making death threats against his family, and demanding Obama destroy him.  The NAACP called on President Obama to retry the case under federal civil rights laws despite the FBI making an exhaustive investigation concluding there was no racism involved.

Sharpton calls for persecution of Zimmerman via civil rights charges

Despite the FBI report, Attorney General Eric Holder, already held in Contempt of Congress and responsible for gun running to Mexican drug dealers, has said he will seek to prosecute Zimmerman under federal law.

AG Holder is investigating filing federal charges against Zimmerman

George Zimmerman is one of few citizens who are willing to look after his fellow citizens on neighborhood crime watch and inform police of suspicious persons.  When the suspicious person he reported circled back, attacked him, and attempted to beat him to death by slamming his head on the sidewalk, he shot him dead, legally.  From the start, prosecutors withheld evidence and pushed forward a case for which there is no evidence to indicate murder or manslaughter and the liberal media manufactured the charge of racism through fraudulent reporting.

Dershowitz: “Zimmerman prosecutors should be disbarred”

Ann Coulter condemns media coverage

Gun violence drastically less thanks to concealed carry laws

Americans are safer because of concealed carry laws and the mobsters don’t like it.  But they elected Obama and he appointed Holder to promote their culture to be thieves and murderers.  All of the black leaders who are promoting revenge are those who are invested in keeping black America engrossed in a culture of crime and corruption.  Democrats have been lifted by the corrupt and criminal since the beginning of the country.  They have sought to disarm citizens since they gained power and created the Federal Reserve.

“Democrats are what happens when criminals become politicians.” – Dustin Koellhoffer

This entire fiasco has been a fraud from the start, beginning with the liberal media creating the fiction that Martin was a little black child stalked and murdered by a white man.  All of this is part of the Obama Agenda to say guns are too dangerous in the hands of citizens and need to be taken away as part of a “reasonable” precaution.  Once disarmed, citizens will be at the mercy of the government and any tyranny they choose to impose, a warning of which Obama tells young people to not listen.

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