Blacks teach children to be thugs then blame whitey for refusing to be victims

Blacks in America are up in arms over the verdict declaring George Zimmerman innocent of committing a crime in killing Travyon Martin.  On O’Reilly, Tavis Smiley said we need more gun control to get the guns off the streets.  O’Reilly replied that gun control will not solve the problem because criminals get guns illegally.  O’Reilly said, “I could solve the problem by federalizing gun crimes but you wouldn’t back that because you’d say the sentencing was unfair when the guy with the gun is one of yours.”

Smiley responded,

“I could solve the problem, too.  Arm every black person in America and then see what the NRA would have to say.”

This statement is proof that intelligence has its limits but stupidity knows no bounds.  The NRA supports concealed weapon laws to have all law-abiding citizens to be armed to protect themselves from criminals.  Smiley says arm every black person?  Every black person is already armed, illegally, and committing murder.  75% of murderers are committed by blacks in a country where they make up 12% of the population.

The problem is black culture.  Blacks teach their children that being a thug is cool, being a gangsta is manly, attacking crackers is right.  They do this because their culture teaches hate, racism, and criminal behavior.

On Twitter, the hatred and unrighteousness of the Left was made evident by their calls for attacking innocent people.

Twitter reactions to verdict as Left denounces justice and vows revenge

Entertainers and athletes endorsed more race hatred

Celebrities twitter race hatred

The entire narrative of the Left has been a fraud portraying Martin as an innocent child being hunted down by a white man, when the truth is he was a young thug and thief who thought he could attack a man for following him while he was apparently scoping out houses to burglarize.

Trayvon already met justice

True to the nature of the Left, they murder innocent people

Blacks murder innocent white man for Trayvon

On Bill O’Reilly, Rev. DeGraff said the system needs to be changed because there is a disparity between the way blacks and whites are treated.  Bill said that’s because blacks commit more crime and are more violent.  To which DeGraff responded,

“I’m saying that black’s represent a trillion dollar economy in this country.  We have the muscle to change this situation.  I want to change the law.  It’s been open season on young black men in this country by the criminal justice system.”

O’Reilly corrected him pointing out that most black men are killed by other black men.  Statistics show that 91% of blacks killed in the last year were by other blacks and that twice as many blacks murder whites as whites kill blacks.  DeGraff went on to say there is disparity in sentencing, in education, and in industry (jobs).

None of this in 21st century America is due to white oppression.  This is 100% due to black culture.  Since being given their freedom, blacks have had two paths to choose to follow just as all people do; learn a trade or be a thief.

Democrats are, and have always been, the bane of African descendants in America from the time they brought them over as slaves, to fighting against their freedom, to the oppression of their civil rights, to making them voter slaves.  Since Jackson and Sharpton stood on either side of Martin Luther King, Jr. while he was shot, they tell them white people owe them.  King fought for equality and the rights to prosper by their own effort as all Republicans do.  Democrats Jackson and Sharpton maintain their own kingdom by telling their serfs to demand government steal for them and riot when they do not.

Would you like conservatives stop objecting to abortion and side with liberal Democrats and encourage them to kill their children in the womb?  How about we remove police from the inner cities and let the gangs of black kids kill each other by the tens of thousands?

Democrats are invested in chaotic black culture.  Liberals idolize thugs and glorify gangsters for acquiring power, drugs, bitches, and wealth by theft and force.  Only 5% of blacks adhere to Christian conservatism while 95% support this culture.  Islam is the largest growing religion amongst young black men fourteen to forty, the same demographic group that is 100 times more likely to be criminals because it promotes their culture.

Does that sound racist to you?  You Leftist hypocrite!  You are the one encouraging their behavior rather than demanding they behave righteously as conservatives do!

Blacks lack in education because their kids are encouraged to play basketball rather than do their homework, to deal drugs rather than get a job, to engage in licentious behavior rather than build a family and act responsibly.  You should be telling them to go to church and find Christ, go to school and learn, go to work and earn a living.  Instead you make certain they do not prosper and then tell them it is whitey’s fault.  You call the Tea Party the KKK and act as if this nation were 1955 Mississippi.

Congressman Col. Allen West quoted what Booker T. Washington said in 1911,

“There is a class of colored people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the negro race before the public.  Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs, partly because they want their sympathy, and partly because it pays.  Some of these people do not want the negro to lose his grievances because they do not want to lose their jobs.”

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