Zimmerman trial a comedic tragedy of minority guilt

Over the last few decades crime has gotten so out of the control that states began issuing citizens license to carry concealed firearms for self-defense.  Police cannot protect people 100% of the time as the Criminal Justice System leaves violent criminals a revolving door in and out of prison.  99.9% of the time they are only there to clean up the mess.  Because the government is not putting criminals behind bars and keeping them there, citizens demanded the right of carrying guns and got it in Republican states.

The George Zimmerman story:

George Zimmerman is one of those who started carrying a gun and doing neighborhood watches because of all the crime around his neighborhood.  Last year he said he was following a suspicious character, later identified as a 17 year old black youth named Trayvon Martin, wandering through his gated community in the rain and appearing to be scoping out homes for potential burglary.  He said the suspect eluded him, then ambushed him and began beating his head on the sidewalk saying, “You gonna die today, mother-f*er,” and made a grab for his gun, whereupon Zimmerman pulled his gun and shot and killed him.

The black story:

After the attack, the liberal media went after Zimmerman, a Hispanic, calling him a “white Hispanic” who stalked and murdered an innocent black child for “walking while black through a gated community” eating his Skittles.  They posted pictures of Martin from when he was ten years old and deliberately edited police recordings talking with Zimmerman to make him appear to be a racist following Martin only because he was black.  Liberal media pundits displayed video of Zimmerman and claimed he was uninjured.

The trial:

During the trial, witnesses for the prosecution are making the defendant’s case, presenting facts and verifying his story.  Blacks have begun gathering in Sanford, Fla., threatening to riot if Zimmerman is acquitted.  Police are preparing for race riots all over the country.

One of the things that Martin’s girlfriend testified to was that, when she heard him on the phone in a fight, she didn’t call the police.  She said that’s because when blacks call the police, they are the ones who are taken away.  The reason blacks fear police is no due to racism on the part of police, but due to the fact that 99% of the time it is the blacks who are the ones committing the crime.

The only people who fear police are criminals.  This is not 1960 where police target blacks for persecution.  This is 2013 where the tiny demographic group of black males between 15 and 50 are 100 times more likely to commit crimes than any group of the same size.  If you think that’s racist, you’re a liberal proving Churchill was right.

Rush Limbaugh on Martin’s girlfriend’s flawed testimony

Blacks have taken the liberty they’ve been given in being freed from slavery and freed from oppression and are using it to spit on education, jobs, and prospering in the American culture.  Unlike black men like Herman Cain and Allen West who have excelled on the liberty they have been afforded, the vast majorities of blacks keep themselves separate and then use their own failures as the excuse of why they can’t get jobs, and then resort to theft, rape, and murder.  The joke is on white Americans who stupidly justify black crime, like the audience of Jay Leno that cheered Jamie Foxx when he crowed about killing white people in Django.

Liberal immorality argues that killing, even in self-defense, is murder.  In their minds, no one can use being in fear for their life as a defense unless they are killed.  Leftists believe that those who commit murder and other crimes should not be prosecuted, but their fate be left to the judgment of a God in whom they do not believe.

The righteous recognize that holding someone responsible for their crimes is not judgment on their soul, but human judgment of right and wrong to which people are certainly entitled and can be held responsible.  Liberals, on the other hand, take action against anyone who has the temerity to defend themselves against criminals and seek to destroy anyone who violates their law, which is yielding to their tyranny.  Those with criminal minds despise those who would stand up to them.  The wolves would see the shepherds dead and gone to have free reign over the sheep.

Pat Buchanan tells the truth about black America and is fired by CNN


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