Democrats play Republicans for fools over immigration

How many times will the Democrats dupe the Establishment Republican moderates running the GOP before they get it?  Pass immigration reform, they say, and Hispanics will love you and vote Republican.  In the last election Hispanics voted 70% Democrat and illegal immigrants, if they are made legal, will look to Obama and the Democrats to grant them benefits, and he will do so to buy their votes as Democrats buy votes of union workers and minorities.

Liberal Democrats have been playing this tune for a hundred years.  They use pandering, demagoguery, and corruption to further their agenda.  Conservatives and moderates of the GOP battle each other over guiding the country along the lines of the Founders or following the Democrats.  Rush Limbaugh says it best.

“When their corruption is exposed, the Left circles the wagons, the Right circles the firing squad.”

Moderates vs. conservatives, moderates would follow the Democrats

Now Democrats are playing the game of fooling the GOP once again in their push to make illegal immigrants legal.  Even the illegals are afraid of this because it will mean even more illegals come to America to compete for the jobs they are currently doing and get a piece of the benefit pie they want for themselves.  Most Americans continue to remain oblivious of Obama’s obvious duplicity, even failing to realize that a year ago while campaigning he spoke against Gay Marriage and now has thrown his full support behind it.

While Americans are slow to realize how they are being duped by Democrats, Egypt’s President Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood did a poor job of seizing power after convincing Egyptians to elect him last year.  Unlike Obama, he acted quickly and blatantly, resulting in his being ousted by another uprising.  Perhaps the Egyptians will have learned their lesson not to believe Leftists when they pretend to be Right, but that is yet to be seen.

Morsi didn’t play the Egyptians as well as Obama played Americans

Just like Democrats who complain about the costs of ObamaCare and the poor economy, Egyptians protested against what they voted for!  The question begs to be asked,

“What is wrong with your brain?”

Conservatives need to get their act together and stop fighting over what is insignificant and start fighting for the heart and soul of America.  The Right should stop fighting abortion because Leftists are the ones who are aborting their next generation and they want illegal aliens to replace them.  If they want to kill their babies, conservatives cannot stop them.  But there is certainly no reason to allow them to be replaced by foreigners who want benefits without paying taxes, and whom Democrats will want to give the right to vote in order to overwhelm citizens fed up with Obama’s frauds to remake America in his image.

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