9-11 America attacked; Bush delayed 7 minutes, Obama MIA for 7 hours

On Sept 11, 2001, after the second plane hit the WTC, President Bush was informed that America was under attack.  He sat in a classroom listening to children read for another seven minutes before leaving to take charge of the situation.  Afterward, the liberal media went berserk, damning Bush for not jumping to his feet and leaping into action.  President Bush says when he heard the news that his first thought was to maintain an appearance of calm.  Liberals cried this was foolishness because a nuclear attack could take place in minutes.

The Leftwing went berserk comparing the hijackings to a nuclear attack!

On Sept 11, 2012, when a hundred Jihadists with heavy arms attacked the U.S. embassy in Libya, President Obama was informed that America was under attack.  For the next seven hours President Obama was MIA as two Navy SEALS defended the compound to the death, pleading repeatedly for air support and reinforcements.  The only order they received was to “stand down.”  The SEALS enabled most of the embassy staff to escape.  One staffer and the ambassador were also killed.

Leftwing media say conservatives lie about Obama being MIA

While not on the same scale as 9-11, this 9-11 attack was expected and the embassy left unprepared despite repeated requests by Ambassador Stevens to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for more security forces which she denied.  While President Bush announced afterwards that those who perpetrated the attacks would “hear from all of us soon” and went to war with Al-Qaeda, President Obama arrested a film-maker for making a “vile film” that was a biography of Mohammad that “inflamed good Muslim protesters.”  Since then, Obama and Clinton have acted to cover-up the Benghazi attack and impede the Congressional investigation wherein Clinton replied to the question of why she denied them additional security with the question, “What difference does it make?”

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