Obama the Great Divider; liar-n-thief, Destroyer of the American Dream

When Barack Obama was elected president and Democrats were given their third Supermajority in the last century, patriotic Americans recognized that the internal rot that destroys all great nations had boiled to the surface.  Like a pustule that festers and swells until its head is visible and then explodes, spewing out corruption, Obama’s legacy of deception, corruption, and Banana Republic dictatorial tyranny is a lesson in greed and demagoguery.  Fooling a majority into following the unrighteous minority, Obama and the Democrats are destroying America from within and with it, the American Dream of having the liberty to rise out of poverty with the protection of a benevolent government.

From Benghazi to the IRS, from Solyndra to Fast & Furious, from DoJ illegal wire taps to voter fraud, America’s first black president’s legacy is one of corruption and destruction of the American Dream on a colossal scale.  The man millions look to as their messiah to fundamentally transform  America into their Utopia, who talks like a Christian conservative, but rules as any socialist Sultan, Barack Obama has done what no other president has even attempted.  He has divided America against itself and brought about the decline of the greatest nation in history.

The last best hope of the light of liberty in the world is being extinguished along with the Christian ideals on which it was founded.  A Republic wherein people are free through free market capitalism to achieve as much as there are willing.  While corruption is always manifesting in any society, wealth has the effect of attracting the greedy and corrupt en masse.  They seek to steal wealth from others and strive to gain power over them to steal it all.

In place of the God loving free and moral people is a dystopia of anti-God, pro-Islamic socialism that squashes free will and tyrannizes the people, especially those who do not bow to authoritarian rule.  The symbiotic relationship of a government protecting the people becomes a parasitic relationship of a government living off of the people.  Unfortunately for the world, the latter is what has existed in 99% of societies.

The beginnings of this manifestation can be found in Chicago style politics wherein criminals rise to power in government.  When government fails to protect the people and allows criminals to threaten and blackmail them for “protection” from their own depredations, communities are corrupted when they are coerced into electing these criminals into government.  The insidiousness of Mohammad’s religion of Islam is that it makes a religious practice of this kind of oppression and brainwashing its subjects to accept it as right.

The election of Barack Obama who, despite his claims to be a Christian capitalist, is revealed to be a Moslem socialist through his dictates, policies, and deceptions.  America has revealed to the world its weakness in electing such a man to the highest seat of power on Earth.  People reveal themselves to be as weak and corruptible as ever.

People are not smart, most are dishonest and all of them lie.  Taken as a group, none are to be trusted.  Each must be taken on their own merits.

“A person is smart.  People are dumb, panicky, dangerous animals and you know it.” – Agent K, Men in Black, 1997

Barack Obama; A successful president, a failed presidency, a failed America

Ending the Democrat Century

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