Democrats fixate on Obama’s black skin and ignore his black heart

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews once again pulled the race card for all of Obama’s scandalous corruption coming to light.  Saying that opposition to his policies and agenda is based on racist belief that only white men should rule is his bigoted diarrhea of the mouth against conservatives and patriots who love America.  As one of the America haters, Matthews approves of Obama’s machinations and destruction of American ideology.  Matthews stupidly tried to correct Rush Limbaugh about the definition of racism saying, “Well actually, Rushbo, racism is the belief that one race – whites – should rule all others,” Matthews said. “Get your definitions straight.”

Matthews calls the kettle black

If Matthews is so determined that a black man should lead the country and lead it well, how about a business genius like Herman Cain?  If he wanted an honorable black man to stand at the head of America, why not a noble warrior like Allen West?  Neither of these men was elected by liberals because they are racists who hate black people who stand tall and achieve and succeed in America on their own without liberal government holding them up.

The number of confirmed lies that have come out of MSNBC over the past year is staggering.  Their opinions are those of Leftwing America haters and shared by only the 20% who identify themselves are Churchill’s brainless liberals, half of whom are the ignorant young.  Matthews’ anal fixation on Obama is a disgusting display of the sycophantic panderer who would happily suck sh*t through a straw if it would please his messiah.

Opposing an evil agenda

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