Democrats continue to push global warming scam, threaten Republican states

Climate change; science vs. politics

Debunking a myth and exposing the scam that the Obama Administration and Democrats have been perpetrating on the American people, Rush Limbaugh is a leading voice for the taxpayer who is being bilked of billons of dollars.  The federal government has expended billions on so-called “green energy” companies that have failed and gone bankrupt.  They have spent more billions subsidizing scientists to studying man-made global warming who say there will be more “extreme weather changes” and they need more funds to continue studying the effect of carbon emissions on the global climate.

On Tuesday of this week, a Democrat senator from Rhode Island stood on the floor of the Senate to condemn Republicans, conservatives, the South, and anyone who refused to believe in man-made global warming for the tornadoes that struck Moore, Okla. Monday.  Senator Whitehouse convicted them in no uncertain terms of causing this disaster by refusing to embrace the scientific model that says mankind’s carbon emissions are causing the planet to heat up.  Standing beside a poster of a an Earth burned up and dead from pollution, the climate change advocated for refusing to give federal aid to Republican states that suffered natural disasters.

Senator Whiteouse condemns Republicans for rejecting man-made global warming

Rush Limbaugh was one of the first to speak out against Whitehouse and his attempting to perpetuate the scam to separate taxpayers from their dollars to “save the planet.”  Climate scientists, Limbaugh asserts, only have data from the last one hundred years, an insufficient timeframe in the field of science as it is based on a tiny portion of this warming period of the Earth that has only been in effect the last ten thousand years.  Rush and conservatives have exposed scientists who insist they have a consensus who believe in man-made global warming as those who profit from government subsidies to study this so-called phenomenon.

“And here’s a pull quote from the story: “Since 1998, there has been an unexplained ‘standstill’ in the heating of the Earth’s atmosphere.”  What do you mean, “unexplained standstill”?  Unexplained only from their baseline, and their baseline is the flawed, fraudulent projections made by their flawed models.  Nobody knows what the norm is.  Nobody’s been alive long enough to know what the norm is.  We’ve been around tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, billions, who knows, who’s counting, years.  Nobody knows what the norm is.  It’s height of folly to assume the norm is now when we’re alive.”

Over the past four years the Obama Administration has fought tooth and nail against fossil fuel companies, closing oil drilling and coal mining, the principle sources of energy for America.  President Obama has advocated climate change science being driven by fossil fuel pollution as fact and also invokes the idea that there is a consensus among scientists.  Liberals believe in the bogus science and their flawed models and demand that conservatives give more money to government to combat mankind’s pollution and stop the changing weather of the planet before it’s too late.

Rush Limbaugh and the global warming scam

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