Obama scandals blowing smoke to cover insidious plan to disarm America

As Washington and America reel under the deluge of scandals swirling around Obama, all of this media madness either to condemn or defend Obama’s criminal activities in Benghazi, the IRS, and the DoJ, are nothing more than cover for his plan to weaken America and make our enemies more powerful.

Obama plans unilateral disarmament

President Obama plans to reduce the U.S. nuclear arsenal by 1/3rd in the coming months.  This is precisely what Dinesh D’Souza warned about in his movie, “Obama’s America.”  He revealed that Obama’s true intent as president is to remove the American nuclear arsenal that is the primary defense of the free world.

2016: Obama’s America

Democrats and the liberal media are unconcerned about whether or not Republicans can bring impeachment proceedings against Obama or Holder, or be able to impugn Hillary for the 2016 election.  For their part, they are following the Obama line that it is all “political circus” of no consequence.  Meanwhile, the Tea Party and American patriots are firing up to bring the war back to Obama that he is waging on America.

Tea Party Nation calls for impeachment of AG Holder

Tea Party Nation unloads on Obama’s cover-up of Benghazi

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