Liberal backwards think forms the basis of Leftist philosophy

Every decade, social media names the people living in that era names like the “Me Generation” or “Generation X.”  With the re-election of Obama comes the Greedy Generation who believes stealing from the rich to give to themselves is right.  This is the basis of liberalism in America.

Three sayings come to mind when it comes to liberalism.

“Can’t see the forest for the trees,” “A fool and his money are soon parted,” and “Socialism works until you run out of other people’s money.”

America was founded on Christian principles with the establishment that people be free to worship as they wish, a principle which liberals have been striving to overturn.  While Christians have striven to retain these freedoms, liberals have been working to take them away using government to remove Christ from our schools, our government, and our nation.  Conservatives adhere to Christianity while liberals have eagerly embraced Atheism and Agnosticism.

Using Christian conservatism to establish our Constitution, only those who paid taxes were able legislate how that money was spent with the belief that only those who act responsibly should determine the establishment of law.  The principle reason for government is to provide protection for the citizen from foreign invaders and local criminals.  Using universal suffrage and legislative activism to overturn laws, Democrats have enabled women and minorities to use the power of the ballot box to legislate morality and twist America’s laws to their benefit at the expense of the taxpayer.

One of their first acts was to outlaw alcohol causing a huge spike in crime in the 1920s.  When people cannot prosper legally, they find ways to prosper illegally.  Another was to raise taxes on the rich to 70% causing the country to enter depressions under Wilson and FDR resulting in a depressed world economy that led to WWII.

Now they use government to legislate charity and large blocks of voters live as parasites off of the taxpayer.  As all parasites do, they spread their diseases to the host until corruption kills them both.  Liberals have been taking charge in schools and the media teaching the people all their wrong way thinking.  Like their baseline budgeting wherein they say a reduction in increasing spending is a “cut,” their thinking is backwards.

Ending the Democrat Century

Liberals suffer from the myopia of seeing the world through their immaturity and immorality.  They believe in the fantasy of man-made global warming and in evolution as fact and not theory.  They name their cause liberalism, progressivism, and several other names to confuse people of its true nature, the dictatorship of socialism wherein the government rules over the people and makes them all the same.  Their offspring, Fascism, Communism, and Nazism saw more people murdered in the 20th century than through all of history.

Even the encyclopedia fails to clarify the confusion of Leftist’s definition of their philosophy.  The classic definition of liberalism in Teddy Roosevelt’s time was a philosophy based on faith in Christ while supporting the technological advancement of mankind.  To capitalist Christian conservatives, one should be able to enjoy the fruits of one’s own labor while government protects them from those who are greedy or lazy.  They must guard against not only those who would steal as outlaws, but those who would corrupt business and government and make stealing legal.

The modern definition of social liberalism is based on atheistic socialism wherein government is the ruler who steals from the rich to give to themselves.  Not Robin Hood, but the modern day Prince John.  They believe those who prosper do so on the backs of their employees by stealing their labor rather than supplying job opportunities to them through their entrepreneurial and leadership skills.  They condemn those who become wealthy and use government to force them to pay for the privilege of creating business and keeping some of their money.  This isn’t government of the people, but classic thuggery of mobsters and dictators, and only those who serve them will prosper.

Conservatives believe prosperity comes through saving income through conservative spending and wise investing, Liberals believe prosperity comes through spending money and high taxation.  Whenever liberals want more taxes, they threaten to cut back on police and fire protection services, not eliminating subsidies and tax loopholes for their friends.  With liberals it is always cut the meat and never cut the pork.

Foolish liberals believe their solution to the economy is superior to conservatives and say they would like to separate the two to live on their own philosophies believing they will have the last laugh.  When the wealth they tax inevitably fades away their solution is to insist on spending their way to prosperity, a.k.a. California.  Conservatives live more frugally and build their wealth, a.k.a. Texas.  At that point liberals believe the federal government should take money from Texas and give it to Californian liberals to bail them out from their stupidity.

Ronald Reagan wisely said,

“Government is not the solution to the problem.  Government is the problem.”

Islam falls under the heading of socialist dictatorship as all people must be the same, but Mohammad was savvy enough to make it a religion and brainwashing prayers five times a day to worship his god.  The Koran is deliberately not written in chronological order so that readers cannot easily see Mohammad change from a man advocating peace and brotherhood to a liar, thief, murderer, war-mongerer, and oppressive tyrant.  While most Muslims would rebel as all people do who long to be free, they are held in check by authoritarian violence against those who stray.

The difference between the Right and Left is that the Right believes in liberty under a free people governed by protectors who serve them while the Left believes in slavery under a totalitarian dictatorship that they serve.  The reason people flock to America and away from Communist countries is because here they can prosper by their own efforts.  That is quickly becoming a thing of the past through teaching our children liberal backwards think.

Dems peddle instant gratification, not the long term pursuit of happiness

If I wanted America to fail

Failure of liberal greed

Obama: A successful president, a failed presidency, and a failed America

None express the flaw in liberal logic and beliefs more than Obama who promotes the righteousness of Islam and defames Christianity with his belief in Black Liberation Theology, and Alan Colmes whose Leftist views are revealed in his books “Red, White, and Liberal: How the Left is Right and the Right is Wrong,” and “Thank the Liberals for Saving America,” and his belief that Jesus was a political radical rather than the Messiah devoted to God.

Alan Colmes’ “Thank the Liberals for Saving America”

What is the bottom line difference between a conservative and a liberal?  Consider this; how much do you believe a person who makes $1,000,000 a year should pay in taxes?  Should he pay 10%, the same as someone who makes $10,000 a year?  Or should he pay 20%, 50%, 70%, or 90%?  What if you owned a business that you worked 24/7 for thirty years to build and were making a million dollars a year?  What percentage should you pay?  If your answer is less than what you said someone else should pay, then you are a liberal and, by virtue of your lack of virtue, a two-faced, self-righteous hypocrite.

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