Benghazi, IRS scandals no comparison to Iran-Contra, Watergate

Woodward compares Obama scandals to those of Nixon, Reagan

Media pundits are making a mashup of presidential scandals associating Obama’s Benghazi defeat and IRS oppression to Nixons’ Watergate break-in and Reagan’s Iran-Contra Hearings.  Associating Obama’s scandals to those of Republican president’s is comparable to making a molehill out of a mountain.  In the Watergate break-in, the Constitutional rights of half the citizens of the Americans were not violated.  In Iran-Contra, the only people who died were enemies of the United States.  What next?  Is the DoJ illegal wiretapping of reporters going to be compared to Clinton playing with Monica?

IRS terrorizes the Tea Party

Hillary left Benghazi a death trap

Obama ignored the cries for help from Benghazi consulate

The DoJ’s illegal wiretaps is the only offense remotely comparable to Watergate.  The GOP’s breaking and entering to plant listening devices at the DNC headquarters in the Watergate Hotel is petty invasion of privacy.  Yet Richard Nixon was forced to resign before being impeached.  The Reagan Administration’s making arms deals with Iran during their war with Iraq, and using the money to fund Contras to fight their communist government in Nicaragua, was a brilliant manipulation to enable our enemies to kill each other at no expense to us.  The only people killed in Benghazi were Americans and, were it not for the heroism of two Navy SEALS who went to the annex, against orders, and gave their lives defending the embassy staff, the body count would have been much higher.

But the Obama Administration and liberal media are going to any length to cover up and minimalize all of these scandals because they are far more than just scandals.  All of them are outright criminal, from DoJ wiretapping, to IRS oppressing and stealing from Tea Party citizens, to the President of the United States leaving an embassy defenseless, allowing foreign invaders, terrorists, to capture American territory, raise the Al-Qaeda flag, and kill our ambassador without lifting a finger in their defense.  Then, stupidly, claiming ignorance of everything, and going so far as to demand an apology is the height of impudence spitting in the faces of the American people!

Liberals demand apology from Republicans

Such insolence deserves to be slapped in the face.  Susan Rice deserves an apology because she did as ordered and went in front of the cameras and lied, but claims she didn’t know she was telling a lie?  What she deserves is to fall on her sword for Obama and quietly bleed to death, as do the other Obama agents.  Yet all of them, rather than being prosecuted, are being promoted.  That’s the corruption of the Left!

Sarah Hall Ingram, the woman who’s been in charge of the Tax Exempt Division of the IRS that has been accepting liberal groups while and rejecting conservative ones, costing them millions, has been promoted and is now in charge of the ObamaCare Enforcement Division.  But Obama is out there saying he’s going to get to the bottom of this.  Texans have a saying,

“Don’t piss on my boots and tell me it’s raining.”

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