Obama exposed in collusion with media to cover-up crimes

Democrat sabotage has gone to the very core of America.

From the White House down to the local elementary school leftist corruption has infected the nation to spread like a viral plague throughout America.  From indoctrinating our youth into socialism to forging corruption in the greatest halls of power, Democrats have been transforming America into their banana republic.  Now the media is falling all over itself to cover-up the crimes of the Obama regime by throwing boatloads of mud at Trump.  According to them Trump can do no right and Obama has done no wrong, but the facts speak for themselves for those who have the eyes to see and ears to listen without being in denial of the truth and adhering to leftist deceptions.

Blockbuster Scandal: The Obama Administration Weaponized Intelligence for Use against Trump

Media indoctrination montage to paint anything about Trump as bad

Trump Is Methodically Undoing Obama Policies

As in all things Obama he used his operatives to put surveillance of Trump and his people by back-dooring through the NSA.  They would put surveillance on foreigners who were in contact with the Trump team, and Susan Rice of Benghazi cover-up infamy would unmask Trump’s people to leak to the press.  Rep. Nunes (R-CA) has revealed the truth and is now being hounded and smeared by the leftist media saying he is a liar and biased and should be terminated.  All the Democrat charges about Trump and the Russians have been smoke to cover-up their crime of surveilling their political opposition.  Obama is guilty of Nixon x1000 and people in his regime, along with 90% of the media, are guilty of perpetrating the greatest crimes and frauds on the people.  The proof that Democrats are the heart of corruption in America is not in doubt.  What is in doubt is whether or not they will ever be brought to justice or if they will succeed in continuing to dupe enough people that they can get away with it and bring America down.

Rice reveals Trump campaign team under Obama surveillance

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