Mexican president vows to keep flooding USA with leeches, criminals, and drugs

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The President of Mexico has sworn to resist President Trump’s efforts to close the U.S. – Mexican border to drug smugglers and his citizens who want to sneak into America to steal jobs.

Think Mexico is an ally of the U.S.?  Think again!  Mexico is no ally to the USA as they continue to funnel Central and South Americans through their country to dump on the U.S. taxpayer.  Democrats support their efforts declaring that all people in the Western Hemisphere are Americans who have a right to live in the United States.  Non-citizens who enter the U.S. illegally take jobs and send money back to their home countries without paying taxes, but receive taxpayer benefits from Democrats including fraudulent voting rights.  (One illegal was caught voting in five places.)  In addition, the Mexican government and Democrats are profiting from the drug trade for which they wholeheartedly endorse open borders.  It’s not that they don’t know who the drug lords are or where they are holed up.  They deliberately choose to do nothing, even when they murder law enforcement on both sides of the border.

Mexico vows to resist Trump’s immigration plans

There is an issue over violent illegal alien criminals whose home country will not accept them back.  These rapists and murderers should not be deported – they should be EXECUTED!  Citizens who commit crimes in the USA have rights under the Constitution, but foreigners do not!  They are invading criminals.  Their own countries kick them out and send them to America so that the USA has to deal with them – so let’s deal with them once and for all!  The Mexican who murdered Kate Steinle was deported five times for felony convictions.  They are not entitled to being cared for or simply deported for their heinous crimes.  Democrats go to great pains to give rights to criminals who take away the rights of others.  It is time this leftist ideology of treating criminals as victims be put down.  They are not victims, but perpetrators.  Criminals are not the worst off of humanity, but the worst of humanity.  Leftists have turned America’s justice system against itself by punishing those who commit minor offenses as if capital offenses while those who commit capital crimes are treated with compassion and set free.

In liberal’s delusional world Trump is black, Obama is white

The media is the primary agent responsible for making black and white the opposites of what they represent.  Chris Wallace says we don’t have a state run media as dictatorships do.  Oh, yes, we do!  It’s called the Democrat media.  Trump said the lying media are the enemy of the people and this is true.  Those are not the words of a dictator who censors media, but the words of a righteous man calling them out on their lies!  The 1st Amendment protects everyone’s right to speak their mind, but not to advocate for violence that is what some on the Left have been doing.  It also does not absolve anyone from telling lies, which is all that the leftwing media has done since Trump won the Republican nomination.

Now the MSM are calling Obama’s business choking regulations “protections” to further obscure his anti-American agenda and effect a blame game against Trump for removing them.

Where Obama’s administration was completely opaque despite his declaration he was completely transparent, (e.g. we couldn’t know what was in the ObamaCare law until it was passed), Trump is the exact opposite.  Obama campaigned on reducing deficits and taxes, but did the exact opposite once in office, and his media honeymoon lasted for eight years as the leftwing press camouflaged his actions.  Trump was under full assault before his inauguration.  The Left wants to inundate American’s with poverty by guilt tripping ignorant fools, but that doesn’t work on righteous people.  The border will be closed and all those America hating thieves, murderers, and jihadis that Obama brought in will soon be getting the boot while America patriots rebuild our shattered land!

Thanks, President Trump!

Trump Administration in action

Fake news is Alinsky tactics meant to shut Trump administration down

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