Trump’s Media Mastery


Trump played the liberal media like a drum when they attempted to distract from his outstanding policy speeches by dredging up the old birther issue.

In an effort to take people’s attention off of Trump’s rise in popularity and the polls, the Clinton campaign’s Democrat media tried to revive the birther issue.  They spent an hour giving Trump air time that he spent introducing veterans, generals, and Medal of Honor recipients who are endorsing him and then shoved the issue back in their faces.  His ten second response left the lot of them with egg on their faces.

“Hillary Clinton and her campaign of 2008 started the birther controversy.  I finished it.  President Barack Obama was born in the United States, period!”

Trump closes birther issue

Media continues attack on Trump over birther issue

Now they’re trying to make hay of his statement that this was started by Hillary Clinton’s campaign in 2008.  They say Hillary never actually said it and that no one in her campaign staff promoted it.  But it was promoted by people who supported her campaign and when asked she didn’t deny it, but she implied it could be true.  Every Republican is always damned by the media for anything anyone in one of their PACs says or does, but they are desperately trying to shield Hillary from the same.  This is how candidates lie and are said to be telling the truth.

The whole question only came up because Obama refused to release his birth and school records.  A birth certificate released years later was rife with questionable data and some of his college records indicate he applied for aid as a foreign student.  What matters more is that Obama was not raised in America as an American, but raised in Indonesia as a Moslem, which accounts for his contempt for all things American.

But what does it matter now?  He has had the reins of power for eight years and the damage is done – and monumental damage it has been!  This is just a leftwingnut media distraction from the grand quality of leadership Trump is now displaying. His announced agenda in all categories is exactly what Republicans have been praying for to push back the Democrat agenda that has driven America into decline.

Democrats and their RINO allies at scared to death of Trump, not because he’s a greedy monster as they portray him, but because he is honest in his desire to put power back in the hands of the people.  Stop foreigners who hate America from invading our country?  They say that’s what insane racists do!  Stop stealing from the rich and let Americans keep their money and grow their businesses?  They say that’s what greedy rich people want.  Stop Islamists from imposing Sharia on the world through their New Jihad?  They say that’s what unstable haters do!

Count me in!

Twisted liberal minds think Trump slogan is “hate speech”

Trump plays the media like a drum

Are you a deplorable?

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1 Response to Trump’s Media Mastery

  1. Eileen says:

    IMHO, the Democrats are setting up a trap during the debate, regarding her health issues. So far, Trump has remained several steps ahead of them and most, if not all, of their traps backfired. I do think Clinton has some issues and it may very well be Parkinson’s. But it is also true that her campaign is figuring out a way to play the sympathy card, the woman card having failed. It is true that Trump may have something up his sleeve; I just wouldn’t be surprised to see the DNC try something to take the public’s mind off the fact that Trump will dominate the debate.


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