“Choices” by Ron Celano (a book review by Dustin Koellhoffer)

“Choices” is about the choices Americans are making in politics that affect our lives.  The choices we have as a free people enable us to make better lives for ourselves and our families.  But those choices are gradually being taken away by our government.  Ron Celano takes the reader through every policy step-by-step.  He details how the wrong choices that voters make in choosing their political candidates and their policies are affecting their lives for good or bad.  His book is a veritable compendium of why the Left is promoting policies to take away the choices of Americans and restrict their freedoms.

Unlike most books on the shelves today, this was not written by a celebrity, but by a citizen who is living these choices and seeing the outcome of both unintended and intended consequences.  Mr. Celano’s knowledge, perception, and wisdom offer the reader a fascinating insight into the machinations of our government, and how media propaganda is twisting public opinion to steer them down the wrong road.  This fast read is a first-class collection of a patriot’s vision as he watches the great nation in which he grew up decline.  Through the frauds and deceits of leaders whose vision is not that of America as the land of the free, he has watched its culture deteriorate as its people become complacent and dependent on government, distracted by electronic media, and immersed in an imaginary world of leftist victimhood, rather than be motivated in the reality of responsible adults.


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2 Responses to Choices

  1. Ron Celano says:

    CHOICES can be acquired for free at Just enter the coupon code RS63J at checkout.


    • Kiowah says:

      Is it or any of your books available at the library? I have not been able to download anything through my isp for some time now.


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