Seven sacred things Democrats believe

Superpower falling Jakarta

The nation where Obama grew up recognizes that his doctrine has been to diminish America.  Both at home and throughout the world American power is lesser enabling her enemies, communists and Islamists the enemies of liberty, to grow.

Democrats are not the party of the jackass for nothing.  As dumb and stubborn as a mule, Democrats accept whatever their leaders tell them as the truth, and sit on the facts that prove their leaders liars regardless of all the efforts by Republicans for them to get up and look at the truth.  These are the seven sacred lies that drive the Democratic Socialist Party.

Republicans are waging a war on women – in every city, within every state, throughout this entire nation there is – not – one – single – solitary Republican anywhere on this entire planet who has said he wants to take birth control away from women.  If you believe there is then give the world their name, and good luck finding one and showing the world their quote (on video because we already know everything liberals say is a lie).  This is the third greatest fraud ever perpetrated on an incredibly naïve and ignorant people who are so easily duped.  It takes a special kind of stupid to believe things like this.

Born to ignorance and immorality, how to overcome liberal failures in logic

Bush wrecked the economy – Reaganomics is based on low taxes, less regulation, and no government subsidies.  Democrats would not have their subsidies to taxpayer money to their friends taken away and Congress ran up a trillion dollar deficit.  Reagan was forced to compromise to rebuild the military and give businesses a breath of fresh air.  It only took six months for Reagan’s policies to turn around the Carter economy that led to 12% unemployment and 13% inflation.  Now Democrats finagle unemployment statistics so that Carter looks better, just as Obama looks better with the U3 unemployment number dropping below 7%, but the actual unemployment number, U6, remains the same with over ten million people who were working six years ago unemployed.  Democrats choked and crashed the economy in 2007-8 to get Obama elected, and now there’s “Operation: Chokepoint” by which they are choking the American economy to death to advance their anti-gun agenda after Operation: Fast & Furious failed to disarm citizens.

Obama’s only shovel ready job has been to bury the American Dream

Obama inherited the deficit – the last Republican deficit was in 2006 for $150 billion.  Democrats took Congress in 2007 and their first budget was $450 billion.  In 2008 they tripled it yet again to $1.3 trillion.  When President Bush denied that budget, congressional Democrats held it until Obama was inaugurated and he signed it.  For the next four years, Democrats refused to pass another budget even after Republicans took back the House which is where the budget originates.  Obama took over $1 trillion a year from America’s children in borrowed money without accounting for how he spent it.  A trillion dollars a year still goes into Wall Street for “quantitative easing” which has been masking the bad economy, inflation, and lack of job growth for which America will pay when the bubble bursts.

Hoping to reverse this change when the bubble bursts on communist Democrats

Democrats help the poor – when Obama campaigned he, like all Democrats, talked like a conservative, reducing spending, taxes, the debt, increasing jobs, American strength, and the economy.  But once elected, he institutes liberal rule that does just the opposite.  Democrat voters are clueless as to how government regulations destroy businesses through regulation.  They blame it on Republicans who ‘don’t want to give people jobs,’ which is almost as mentally retarded as believing that Republicans want people to die for lack of health insurance.  Dead people make poor employees and businesses don’t grow as a one man show.  Under these Democrats the Middle Class has shrunk for the first time since the Great Depression because they are just not choking business, but squeezing the life out of them for every dime.  While those who need welfare and food stamps doubles even the number of millionaires has decreased, but dullards continue to believe that stealing from the rich will help the poor as their thieving leaders give that money to their friends on Wall Street.

All Democrat policies are designed to steal wealth and are destroying families

Obama cleaned up Bush’s wars – the Bush Doctrine was to destroy Jihadi terrorists and any regime that enabled them to train and operate from their country.  The Obama Doctrine has been to assist the Muslim Brotherhood in overthrowing secular governments that kept the Islamist fanatics in check.  The result is Libya in turmoil murdering America’s ambassador at Benghazi, Egypt unstable, Syria under siege, and Iraq invaded where Jihadis are slaughtering Christian families.  The Reagan/Bush Doctrine was to extend American power to protect those who were being invaded by murderous neighbors.  Obama’s Doctrine is to withdraw from the world and reduce American military power, thereby allowing socialist dictators and Islamist Jihadis to rampage and gain power.  He campaigned in 2012 on pulling all troops out of Iraq and took credit for it, and now that the country is in shambles as Jihadis tear it apart he blames Bush.

Beckel says Obama picking up the dust from the Bush Doctrine

Republicans don’t have a plan – to not know Republican plans is to have one’s head inserted so deeply into one’s rectum as to not being able to hear.  Democrat media pundits keep demanding Republicans tell them their plans in interviews, but plans that repair America are not so easily made into sound bites that can’t be ridiculed as inadequate by propagandists.  The Democrat media moguls all push the Obama Doctrine that the “old, capitalist ideas of Reaganomics don’t work.”  By being able to dupe the dull minds of people who don’t make the effort to think, don’t pay attention to what Democrats do, but only listen to what they say like dull-witted simpletons, Democrats are able to convince the common idiot that their policies are working for their benefit.  It’s not rocket science to understand that, if government restricts business and takes its profits, businesses cannot grow and create jobs.

Dastardly Republicans won’t help Obama destroy America

Congress has a lower approval rating than Obama – the only reason Congress has a lower approval rating is because neither liberals nor conservatives are happy with the performance of the people whom they elected to represent them.  Liberals want Democrats to shove more legislation down Republican’s throats.  They want their president to rule by imperial edict and impose socialism on the nation as any other dictator would.  Conservatives want Republicans to take action to stop the theft of America’s wealth, not act like Democrats, make promises like Democrats, nor take American’s money like Democrats.  If Republicans acted according to conservative principles rather than as moderates who are just liberals-lite, there would be as great a surge in support of them as the Democrats would get if Obama declared himself king.

GOP moderates are as much dupes of liberalism as Democrat voters

America does not need illegal immigrants to “do jobs Americans are unwilling to do.”  American’s are unwilling to work because government is stealing so much wealth from those who do and giving it to those who don’t to buy their votes.

That Americans don’t want to be involved in foreign wars is a lie.  Leftist socialists don’t want America in wars because she would be stopping the expansion of socialism through Communist Russia, China, and Islamists.  Jihadis need to be destroyer and America is the only superpower capable of doing it.  All that is needed for evil to be conquered is for men good men to stop doing nothing.

America is becoming a nation of parasites living off of patriots.

Somehow, somewhere, someone is going to rise up and take Obama and the Democrat media by the throat and crush the life out of their whine that Republicans just make up “phony scandals.”  Someone will grab the attention of the people and expose Obama’s entire house of cards causing it to fall to pieces.  Until Republicans stop refuting lies and start shouting out the truth, America will continue to decline in accordance with the Obama Doctrine.

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3 Responses to Seven sacred things Democrats believe

  1. Phillip Edrington says:

    Wake up America and look at these true hard facts.May not be able to fool all of us you communist perverts.


  2. There is so much fucking crazy in here. Repub propaganda the nazis would be proud of.


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