Beckel says Obama picking up the dust from the Bush Doctrine

Jihadis in Iraq - AFP


The Bush Doctrine was to destroy terrorists and destroy the regimes that assisted them.  The Obama Doctrine has been to assist the Muslim Brotherhood in overthrowing secular regimes so they could rule and establish bases from which Jihadis could operate.  Libya fell easily, the Egyptians rebelled against the Jihadis and overthrew their ruler, and Syria has held out.

Those that were in Syria losing the war against Assad have turned to invading weaker targets like Iraq.  Even though America trained and equipped the Iraqi army, those they trained are not soldiers, but Moslems who quake in fear at Jihadis because they know their history of murdering everyone.  This is another reason why the whole idea the Powell Doctrine of nation building was flawed from the start.

The Iraqis are demanding the U.S. not arm the Kurds who are more than willing to fight, especially now when ISIL has tons of U.S. military equipment captured from the Iraqis.  Obama and the Democrats need to be thrown out on their ignorant backsides and a leader put in their place with a congress that will assist him in destroying the Jihadi threat to the world.  Moslems in Europe and America who protest this need to be deported back to their home countries or exiled if they were born here.

America is duty bound to exterminate Jihadis

Liberals have no long term memory.  If there were no USA the world would be in turmoil.  D’Souza explains this in “America: Imagine a World without Her,” but liberals miss the point!

America does not have to be the World Police.  We do not have to stop every idiot from electing a dictator, nor stop every thug that seizes power.  But conquering murderers like the Nazis, the Communists, the Imperialists, and the Jihadis are exactly the kinds of people whom we are meant to stop.  These scum do not stay within their borders to wreak havoc, they set fire to the world.

America destroyed the Nazis and Imperial Japanese who would have conquered the world were it not for the United States.  America stopped the Communists of Russia and China from spreading into Western Europe and throughout Asia.  The Soviets successfully grabbed Eastern Europe and enslaved them for two generations, and the Chinese lost a couple of million soldiers fighting America in Korea and Vietnam.

But today Jihadis are being assisted in rebuilding by the Obama Doctrine of a weak America.  Both the communist juggernauts are reasserting their expansionist conquest doctrines in Georgia, Ukraine, and around Asia and in the Pacific.  Obama will not stop his brother Moslems as has been proven in Iraq where hundreds of thousands of Christians and other non-Moslems are being systematically slaughtered.  His “courageous restraint” is allowing the good people of the region to be annihilated while he goes on another fund raiser blaming Republicans for all the ills his policies have brought to America and the world.

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