Liberal thieves with big hearts make border patrol babysitters

Save the immigrant children - Getty Images

Big hearted Democrats cry out, “save the children,” as illegal immigrants dump their kids on the border for U.S. federal agents to babysit.  But their hearts are not bleeding for the children, but blackening in greed for Republicans to give them money to pay for these children to become Obama voters along with their families.

Tens of thousands of children from Central America are being herded into the United States at the invitation of Barack Obama.  The man who mocked Republican demands that the border be closed to illegal immigrants has thrown the border open to all.  Asking Congress for billions of dollars, not to ship them home to their parents, but to house and feed them and bring their parents to them, Obama and the liberals condemn Republicans as heartless.

“I wish I could take all those children home with me.  We’re all Americans in this hemisphere,” said Nancy Pelosi (D-Cal.)

If Pelosi and the Democrats care so much, then they should be taking these children into their own homes, along with all the diseases they bring, and pay for their care themselves.  Instead, they demand those who pay income tax pay more while they take credit for caring.  With ninety million welfare voter slaves, the Democrat Party is relying on this influx of illegals to be granted amnesty by Executive Order, ready to vote to keep Democrats in power to steal from the taxpayer and give to the tax parasite.

Taxpayers are losing to tax parasites

Democrats have always relied on immigrants to provide cheap labor and dependent voters.  When Republicans under Theodore Roosevelt broke the backs of the Democrat Robber Barons, they began their propaganda campaign to take control of government with their mantra of taxing the rich.  Republicans had walked into the trap of universal suffrage and the taxpayer has paid the price ever since.

Now Americans are being told to pay for their border patrol to babysit rather than secure the border.  Liberals, rather than paying to provide for all these illegal immigrants they invited, are demanding the other half of Americans who pay income taxes pay more.  While Democrats like Pelosi say they have big hearts to care about these homeless waifs, the truth is their big hearts are filled with greed, thieves stealing, not only taxpayer’s money, but the lives of Central American children who are being made the victims of criminals and government corruption.

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