Sick of BO’s Chicken Little routine – campaign to re-energize America

There’s a movement on in America by those of us who have had it with the liberal bullsh*t they are now calling “climate disorder.”  (Now Earth’s climate is a medical problem?)  The actual mental disorder that causes belief in a political fraud is best known by its ideological name – liberalism.

Democrats have been shutting down America’s energy production for the past six years.  They are strangling America’s economy in the name of “saving the planet” from burning fossil fuels.  Their “consensus of scientists” consists of those who serve the Obama regime and are receiving government subsidies to study how climate change is occurring.

That their only solution is for the people to give more in taxes to the government should raise an enormous red flag to anyone with half a brain.  Democrats have been using ecology for the past fifty years to regulate businesses.  While having cleaner air and water is nice, their insistence on the environment being “pristine” unless a hefty fee is paid to the government is nothing less than a shake down.

Now a campaign is underway by conservatives to force the government to re-open energy production, coal mines, and oil drilling that the federal government has been shutting down.  In the last six years over ten million Americans have left the workforce due to Obama’s policies and Democrat ideology.  China will surpass America’s economy now because of the decline their policies have engendered.  It is time to oust the scoundrels and bring back the American Dream.

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Now it’s called “Climate Disorder,” a derivative of the mental disorder of liberalism

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