When the President of the United States lies

Presidents of the United States have gotten away with many lies in the faces of the people.  They are successful due to a number of factors like a complicit press, a cover-up, or an apathetic and ignorant public.  Following are a list of lies told by the last five presidents.

Rank these presidential lies from most serious as number one to least serious as number ten:

  • Watergate – bugging the DNC
  • Iran-Contra Affair – trading guns for cash to aid Contras
  • No new taxes – breaking a tax promise
  • Lewinski – lying about sex in the Oval Office
  • Iraqi WMDs – inciting the Iraq invasion to come up empty handed
  • Keep your health insurance – breaking an ObamaCare promise
  • Fast & Furious – gun running to Mexican drug dealers
  • Benghazi – leaving an embassy defenseless and covering it up
  • IRS targeting – using the tax code to cheat political opponents
  • NSA spying – illegally spying on journalists

Using the comments area below you can make your list.

The Obama Doctrine

Benghazi – From delusion to damnation, from heroism to betrayal

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