The Obama Doctrine

America in decline

[Since coming to power, Obama and his regime have initiated almost all of his policies.  Since gaining control of Congress Democrats have governed with a heavier hand than ever before.  America has declined severely under Democrat policies all of which are designed to enrich those in power in Washington at the expense of the taxpayers.  As the wealth is sucked out of the economy, Democrats blame Republicans and rich people which ignorant people believe and then vote for more Democrat deconstruction of America.]

The Obama Doctrine – Managing America’s decline by reduction of energy production, shrink the economy, make as many American’s dependent on government by raising new taxes and creating new entitlements, and achieving all of this through distraction by promoting class warfare and socialism, all while blaming Republicans.

Anyone who says Barack Obama’s election was to make America a better nation in any way is either lying or dimwitted.  That Obama was re-elected, let alone elected to government office to begin with, is the greatest tragedy in American history.  The people have sold their liberty and their souls for a man they deemed to be a messiah, but who turned out to be a fraud.  Barack Hussein Obama will go down in history as the most successful con in the history of man, making Bernie Madoff look like a two bit swindler.

Obama mocks self to snipe at GOP and FOX

Obama’s accomplishments:

  • Wreck the economy – Tax the rich, blame Republicans, and empower America’s enemies
  • Blame Republicans for everything – Bank failures, bailouts, subsidies, loopholes, taxes, spending, economy, jobs
  • Tax the rich – Slander anyone with money as greedy stealing from the poor
  • Buy votes from the poor – The Democrat Plantation of ObamaCare and welfare
  • Blame the rich for not creating jobs – After taxing away their profits, blame corporations for not hiring
  • Bring about world peace by submitting to Islam and socialism – Allow Iran to develop nukes, allow Russia and China to take neighboring territories

The Obama doctrine of saving the Earth from America


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