Young liberal wisdom: VII – At election time everybody is conservative

America doesn’t need Democrats, what it needs is better Republicans.  In 2006 and 2008 Americans thought they needed Democrats who said they would be better than Republicans.  Having lived in the Democrat economy the last eight years they are beginning to realize their mistake.

The liberal propaganda machine has done exceptionally well, convincing low-information voters that Republicans were ruining everything and that Democrats are making everything better.  Now that the truth behind that lie is coming to light they are beginning to see just how badly they’ve been misled.  America is in critical decline and it is because the people are so easily duped by those who seek to have power over their lives.

Even Obama campaigned as a conservative promising to reduce the federal deficit and obey all laws legislated by Congress.  Now he has spent five full years running trillion dollar deficits with no end in sight and is making imperial decrees from the Oval Office to fundamentally change America to his dream.  Liberals say it’s all Republican’s fault and foolish young minds believe the first things they are told.

There should be no national debt or deficit spending except in time of extreme emergency such as war.  Even Republicans are saying it will take a generation to balance the budget.  Bullsh*t!  The budget should be balanced, and it should be balanced tomorrow, and it should be balanced on the backs of those in government who have been milking the taxpayers for every dime they could squeeze from their pockets and every penny they print, borrow, and steal from the people.

Diminished America – making little Barry’s dreams from his father come true

Obama is no leader, no visionary, and no American.  What he and the Democrats are guiding America to is nothing that American’s with any good sense want.  Democratic socialist states all fail for the same reason, because people are willing to steal from those who produce.  They don’t believe in the American Dream any more than they believe in American Exceptionalism.

Obama is as American as pai apel and doesn’t understand American Exceptionalism

The people need to be educated and learn that liberal Democrats do not build Americans up, they tear them down.  They need to understand also that Republican moderates are no better than their Democrat counterparts and only want their turn at the tax trough.  But the solution when people are mad at Republicans who behave like Democrats is not to elect Democrats, but to elect better Republicans.  Only by getting involved in the political process from the primaries to the elections, and then observing how they actually vote in Congress rather than being told, can people learn who their candidates are and whether or not they are actually doing the job they were elected to do.

An uneducated America – low-information voters revealed

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