Diminished America – making Little Barry’s dreams from his father come true

Obama’s “Dreams from My Father” was an in-depth look into the soul of Barack Obama.  Now in his second term he is reducing the size of the military the way he reduced the American economy.  Everything he has done was correctly predicted by Rush Limbaugh.  Everything he is doing was correctly detailed in Dinesh D’Souza’s movie, “2016: Obama’s America.”

America, that Michelle Obama described as an “arrogant nation” of which she has never been proud, is being cut down to the size with which Leftists, socialists, and Islamists around the world are happier.  A weak America is good for the expansion of socialist dictatorships and Islamist theocracies around the world.  The last bastion of freedom on Earth is being beaten down by corruption from within, and Obama is the fetid heart of that corruption orchestrated by the liberals of the Democrat Party with the aide of weak moderates of the Republican Party.

Only the conservatives of the TEA Party are fighting back, but they are losing that war badly.  Only 20% of Americans support the TEA Party anymore thanks to the propagandists in Washington.  Christianity in America is under assault from all sides.

Liberalism is on the march and that march is determined to crush the rights of the American citizen under the iron boot of socialism.  The 1st Amendment is a hindrance to liberal ideologues who cannot stand up to a conservative in open debate, and the 2nd Amendment protects the first, both of which the Left is trying to take away.  Liberals fear being exposed by the truth, as shining the light on their beliefs weighed against the facts always exposes their lies and idiocies.  The only weapons in the liberal quiver are character assassination, mockery, using deception to divide and conquer, and making the Moral Majority the Silent Majority once more.

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