Tea Party poll shows 72% of Americans encourage wasteful government spending

Exit polling following the election for Virginia’s governor in which the Tea Party candidate, Ken Cuccinelli, lost by a just 2.5% of the vote, with the Libertarian candidate backed by Democrats skimming off 6.6% of votes, showed a marked decline in Tea Party favorability.  Since the Tea Party came into being as a leaderless grass roots movement of Americans in response the Barack Obama’s signing the 2008 budget with a $1.4 trillion dollar deficit, more than ten times the last Republican budget, they have been demonized as the new KKK.  Liberal propaganda aside, the only objective of these responsible citizens has been to stop wasteful government spending, reduce confiscatory taxation, and halt government from stealing money from those who pay taxes to give to those who don’t for their vote, the old “bread and circuses” ploy.

O’Reilly and Tea Party favorite Col. Allen West

While only 28% of those polled say they view the Tea Party favorably, 42% said they were against the Tea Party.  Another 28% said they have no opinion of the Tea Party leaving a total of 72% of the population content or favoring the colossal debt being accumulated by Democrats over the past five years.  A review of government spending over the last fifty years reveals that the entire federal debt has been accumulated by Democrats in complete or partial control of Congress.  Conservatives like President Ronald Reagan and Speaker Newt Gingrich, both considered Tea Party icons, forced Democrats to accept reducing taxation from confiscatory rates, and balancing the federal budget for the only four years in the last fifty-six years respectively.

Since gaining control of Congress in 2006, Democrats have doubled the federal debt and blamed Republicans for government not having all the money that Democrats want to spend on their entitlement programs and subsidies.  Although he campaigned against lobbyists and special interests, Obama has not only spent more of taxpayers’ money to fund the businesses of his friends and supporters at the expense of the rest of the nation, he has been printing/borrowing a trillion dollars a year to boost the stock market.  The reason for this is that, despite Democrat policies and regulations driving the economy down and costing ten million jobs to be lost from the market, they are artificially keeping inflation down to keep the economy from getting worse.

The reasons for this is to put conservatives in a position where, should they gain power and require deficit spending be reduced, inflation will be so fierce that the economy will crash again and Democrats will blame the Tea Party.  Moderates in the Republican Party similarly want the conservatives to be eliminated so that they, too, should they regain control of Congress, be able to spend taxpayers’ money as they choose and fund their own cronies.  But with 72% of the population not opposing Democrat’s massive deficits, the end result in the next few years will be debt so massive that the government will go bankrupt.

Democrat’s proposed solution to stop this is massive tax increases through the frauds of ObamaCare and the Green Movement.  Bringing back confiscatory taxation will result in another Great Depression and potential revolution since people today are more informed than those of the 1930s.  For this reason, the government has taken initiatives to allow crime to become rampant as it was in the twenties, to make citizens plead for gun control that will allow the federal government to confiscate weapons from the citizenry.  Liberals, of course, mock anyone who spells out these plans on the basis that no one in government has stated this as their goal, as if they would.

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