Potential Republican presidential nominees, the Republican war on conservatives

Following the re-election of Chris Christie as governor of New Jersey and Ken Cuccinelli’s defeat in his bid for governor of Virginia, people are discussing potential candidates for the Republican presidential ticket.  Christie, who won handily against an unfunded Democrat, is being lauded by liberals and moderates for his non-conservative campaign.  Cuccinelli, who is a Tea Party conservative, was cut loose by the Republican leadership who wouldn’t fund him against the Democrats, including the Libertarian candidate who was also funded by the Democrats.

Republicans passed up a chance to defeat liberals in Virginia

While it is clear why liberals want to defeat conservatives who want lower taxes and a balanced federal budget, it is less clear why moderates want to defeat them.  Few Americans know anything about how their government works with many believing the president is a king.  They have no clue that Congress decides on taxation and spending while the president merely signs off on it.

The proof of this is the belief that the fall of the economy in last two years of President Bush’s second term was his fault.  Most people know nothing of the Democrats they elected to control Congress did during those two years to make the economic collapse and Obama election possible.  The worst offender just before the 2012 presidential election was New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

When Hurricane Sandy devastated New Jersey and Christie had to appeal to the federal government for aide, Obama gave him a choice; endorse him as a worthy president or go down in flames.  Not having the courage to stand by his conservative convictions when a new Republican president was a week away, Christie handed over his manhood to be put in Obama’s testicle lockbox.  Rather than kiss Obama’s ring and declare him to be “very presidential,” if that’s what blackmailing a governor is called, he should have come out and condemned Obama’s gangster tactics and hailed Romney as a man who would not withhold federal funds for political gain over a suffering people.

Cruz vs. Christie in 2016 Republican primaries would be epic

Moderates, led by Republican Speaker John Beohner, the man who overthrew Speaker Newt Gingrich in 2000, have no desire to balance the federal budget.  That conservative Gingrich demanded it of the Republican Congress in the late nineties left a sour taste in the mouths of moderates who wanted their turn to cash in on big taxes and spending.  With the Tea Party demanding Republicans adopt Gingrich’s balanced budget policy, both moderates and liberals have every reason to ally in order to defeat these rubes who would allow people to keep more of the money they earn rather than force them to turn it over to big government.

Both Republican moderates and Democrat liberals want more of your money



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