Sex, guns, health, climate, economy, left, right; in politics only money matters

Politicians are slick.  They gin up their supporters by promising them sexual equality, free abortions, taking guns away from people, giving everyone healthcare, saving the planet, and making jobs for all.  The goals of the politicians, whether they claim to be Left or Right, are the same when it comes to controlling and manipulating people.

The beliefs of individuals is not Left or Right, but a conglomeration of the two.  One person can believe in the Leftist ideology of free sex and abortions on demand, and the Right ideology of working and spending responsibly.  One can believe in forced charity to pay for healthcare and recognize the Green Movement as a scam to milk people for more taxes.  One can believe in God and Christ, but then render judgment on others.

A righteous person may believe in Christ, while an unrighteous person says they do, but then says to those who say they don’t, “If you don’t believe in Christ, then you’re going to Hell.”  Jesus said, “Do not judge others lest you be judged.”  The Leftist will say what Jesus was talking about is not judging right and wrong.

But right and wrong can be perverted.  The unrighteous will say Jesus means you cannot judge right or wrong, so whatever they believe to be good for them is right.  The Right says it is right we should save babies and execute murderers, while the Left says it is right we should kill babies in the womb and hold candlelight vigils to save murderers.

What Jesus meant was not to make oneself to be God by judging who is going to Heaven or Hell.  Such self-righteous hypocrisy is Leftist thinking.  All mankind knows how to tell the difference between right and wrong, but all mankind has the capacity to and will choose wrong.  It is only a matter of degree they do so.  Sexual perversion hurts no one but the practitioner to whom it feels good, but who is hurting their own soul, while theft, rape, and murder bring harm to others.

This moral equivalency is where people express leftist views while declaring themselves to be righteous.  Likewise, legislating morality is an equal failure as you cannot make laws that force people to behave righteously.  There are quantum differences between high crimes, misdemeanors, and sins, just as there are differences in the capacity for logical, moral thought between children, teenagers, and adults.

The Right believes that government should be small and only responsible for protecting citizens through the military, law enforcement, and fire/rescue services.  They are not meant to redistribute wealth, or to take money from successful businesses to give to their friend’s business, or to force charity from the wealthy.  Centralized government is meant to provide security for people’s liberty to live to the best of their ability so long as they do no harm to others.

The Left believes government should be in control of people, legislating morality so long as it does not intrude on their own morality.  They believe government is meant to provide for all by seizing taxes from those who work and giving to those who do not.  Big government is meant to replace their parents and take care of them while they live their lives without the necessity of working for a living, making life “fair and equal” for everyone.

What it all boils down to is that the issues of morality, sexuality, healthcare, and the economy are façades by which politicians distract and gin up their supporters while all they do is decide how to spend their tax dollars.  Liberals spend liberally, putting the nation deep into debt.  They redistribute some of the wealth to the poor for their votes, but most goes to their friends.  Moderates spend moderately and will borrow, but they, too believe taxes should be used to subsidize their friends.

Both of these groups see control of government as control of the wealth to spend as they please.  Moderate Republicans want control so they can use that money for their friends, while liberals will steal that money from future generations to lavish on their own friends.  Conservatives are the only group who believe in saving money and spending only on what is necessary, thereby leaving people to use their money as they choose.

When it comes to politicians, the issues are irrelevant.  All Americans need is for politicians to not make laws liberally to legislate morality.  They need politicians who will allow them to acquire wealth to the best of their ability, not take it away to give to their own people.  The Constitution guarantees the American Dream as the right for all to pursue happiness, not the right to steal from others for those too lazy to work for it.

Free market capitalism has provided more wealth and more liberty than any ideology in the world.  Socialism is no different than any other dictatorship in which a powerful, corrupt government takes all from the people and gives to those who please the rulers.  Socialism has many offspring in communism, fascism, Nazism, Islamism, feudalism, and any system in which the government rules rather than serves the people.  America haters are only those who are greedy, envious, and too lazy and corrupt to work for wealth themselves, and they appeal to the greedy, envious, and slothful to give them the power to be the rulers of America.

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