Moderate Republicans sabotage Tea Party candidate Cuccinelli in Virginia

For years Democrats have been saying that Republicans must be more like liberals in order to win the independent’s vote.  Now that they are doing so and still losing, they are telling Republicans that now they must go after the moderate’s vote.  With Cuccinelli barely losing in Virginia and Christie winning easily in New Jersey, the Republican moderates who compose the party leadership are saying the Tea Party and conservatism is responsible for Cuccinelli’s defeat.

There are no conservatives left in the Democrat Party.  They all vote for more taxes through ObamaCare and the Green Movement, and more spending through taxation, borrowing, and printing money producing generational debt.  Moderates who run the Republican Party because they copied the Democrat model of pandering through spending follow along and are happy if Democrats give them some of the wealth they confiscate from the people.

Conservatives want the taxing, spending, and redistribution of wealth to stop!  Moderates and Democrats don’t, they just want to be the ones writing the checks to whomever they like.  Moderates don’t care if Democrats win just so long as they get a piece of the tax pie.  With that goal in mind, keeping conservatives of the Tea Party out of government, the party that is the people who would make government have a balanced budget, stop the subsidies, tax breaks, waivers, job choking regulations, and wealth redistribution, they are willing to sabotage a Republican in order to keep up their tax incomes.

Even liberals admit the Republicans sabotaged the Tea Party candidate

Until people mature and realize that voting for someone who promises to give you something by taking it away from others is wrong, and vote only for those who promise not to take from anyone, then this country will continue to collapse from corruption.  Until people gain morality and stop letting the media tell them how to think and what to believe, America will wither away.  Until taxpayers crush those who steal their money to give to their friends, the American Dream will die out.  Liberals and moderates will do all they can to portray the righteous as demons in the eyes of voters until voter open their eyes and ears and pay attention to the truth.

ObamaCare about wasting taxpayer’s money, not providing health insurance


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